A beautiful and pricy carpet is a proud possession for its owner. He/she wants to flaunt it in the living room or bedroom and make the guests go gaga over the prized piece. However, cleaning a dirty carpet is a troublesome job at times and can provide a serious headache to the owner, especially when it is the rainy season. Children and guests marching into your living room with all the dirt, dust and grime on their shoes are certainly a cause of concern for you and your beloved carpet. In this blog, we will have a look at some of the best and most common ways to keep the carpet clean during the rainy season, coming straight from the professionals who deal in keeping carpets clean.

Steam Cleaning

While some people are of the opinion that steam cleaning can harm the health of your carpet, a number of professionals who provide services related to carpet cleaning in Brighton opine otherwise. According to them, steam cleaning can be a very good way to get rid of the excess moisture that can dampen the surface of your carpet during the rainy season.

Dry Cleaning

Alongside steam cleaning, dry cleaning a carpet is another good way to get rid of the dirt and stains that threaten the health of your carpet. As per the experts, the carpet should be dry cleaned in order to get rid of the harmful virus and bacteria that get into your carpet after entering your home via the dirty shoes of your guests and children. This can be problematic for the members of the family as well, especially for the elderly people and the infants. So, paying heed to the experts who deal with carpet cleaning in Hawthorn would be a good solution in terms of this particular problem.

“No Shoes” Policy

It is a very effective policy in terms of providing longevity to your carpet as well as keeping it clean for a longer period of time. Apply it in your home and see how the carpet remains clean. This rule should apply for the members of the family as well as for the guests who are coming from outside, especially during the rainy season. It will also save you a lot of time, energy and money that you are expected to spend on carpet cleaning in Brighton.


During the rainy season, the floor tends to get humid very quickly. It leads to the development of moisture under the carpet and eventually harms the health of the carpet. The professionals who provide services related to carpet cleaning in Brighton are of the opinion that the installation of a dehumidifier can be a good solution to this stagnation of humidity and moisture under the carpet and helps to provide longevity to the carpet.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning the carpet is one of the most recommended and common practices to keep the carpet clean and free from moisture. This is a much-needed process that helps to accelerate the process of carpet cleaning and restores carpet health. So next time when you see your carpet unclean, go for a good quality vacuum cleaner.

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