I came across the idea of this post as I was watching a seminar video from Tony Robbins in Act2be.com. Tony’s video was about why we do what we do. After watching it, I’ve questioned myself: what is that we do that makes absolutely so sense?

We don’t put God first – In my upcoming book entitled “Act To be”, a novel about life purpose, God, and Success, I point out that God must be at the beginning of everything we do. When you put God first as it is said in Matt 6,31 then God makes ways where there seem to be no way and lead to discover what your life purpose really is. Your life purpose is basically why you are down here for. The reasons and motivation behind your actions. God helps us to find out what our purpose is and help us to accomplish it. Basically, when what you eagerly want to see changed in the world matches with your natural talents, you know in what to go in life and God confirms it to you in creating within you a burning desire that opens doors.
We dream small – When we dream big, something always happens. Just like the motivation speaker and Life Coach Les Brown said:”Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” We so many times underestimate our potential to reach and exceed our goals, our dreams. Dreaming the impossible is the motor to achieve greatness. Walt Disney proved it, Les Brown did, Michael Jordan any big achievers did dream big.
We don’t ask for help – When talking with the Relationship Strategist Keith Ferrazzi, the former TV actor Bryan Buffinton said: “I was once an Emmy-nominated teen star on Guiding Light. Today I’m a much happier man with a new career I enjoy at a financial services firm in Tampa. How’d I make that transition? By Asking for HELP.

We are not grateful – Expressing your gratefulness is an act of generosity that you give to someone who helped you and that takes up the image that person has for you. One of the most uplifting things we can do for ourselves and others is to let them know how big of an impact they had in our live. When we do that, we lift their spirits, build their confidence, add fuel to their motivational fire. Just like gratefulness, encouragement is a changing life’s gift that is worthy to offer to each and all of the people in our network.
We are not positive – Why do we have to be negative? Why should we feel embarrassed when receiving praises from people who really mean it? If you find yourself struggling with your self-image or self-esteem, go ahead count down and write down all your blessings; all your gifts, strengths, and positive attributes. As Todd Smith, the Founder of Little Things Matter said, God gave each of us a unique set of skills, talents and abilities. We are each capable of using these gifts to achieve anything that is important to us. When we make self-limiting statements, we are putting a self-imposed ceiling on ourselves.
We take success for granted – Success is not granted but rented and the rent is due everyday says Rory Vaden the Self-Discipline Strategist, motivational Speaker, and Founder of Take The Stairs. Too many times and for whatever reasons we tend to believe that there is no need to develop and to work harder on our talents and skills. Common, the Award-winning artist said in an interview that a neglected talent is unforgivable.
We neglect our network - Very often we underestimate the input people can have in one’s life. We need to understand, manage, classify, and develop our network. When you understand that your network is not and cannot just be done of CEOs names, then you know more opportunities are yet to come. In fact, it’s great to have CEOs part of your network list. However, understand that the little men are usually the people who can know more and can have vital informations. The only problem is that they are not the decision makers.
We don’t level ourselves – My friend and co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting, Dustin Hillis always share the idea that professionals work until they get it right but true professionals work until they cannot get it wrong. The one way to know how well you are doing is by checking out with what Napoleon Hill describes as the Mastermind Group. The group of people who always level with you on what you know that you know, what you know that you don’t know, what you don’t know that you know, and what you don’t know that you don’t know.
We don’t read – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said it all: “you are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except from the two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.
We don’t do what we know we have to do – Take this post in consideration and apply it’s said to change your life because you know it matters. Take action on your life and focus on the controllable. Don’t move to the next tip unless you master the previous tip. Couple of years ago at a sales seminar with Dan Moore, the President of the Southwestern Company, as we were asking him questions on new sales techniques and motivational tools, Dan said it’s not what we know that is important but what we do with it. In fact, the human nature tend to be always looking for something new as we don’t even master yet what we already know. So forget about learning new skills and techniques unless the previous ones are part of you.
Don’t limit your success. Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.” Both statements are true. Which one is yours?

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Max-Marc Fossouo is a Relationship Strategist, Founder of Act2be.com He believes that relationship is at the heart of any success and so is action. Driven by passion, Max is convinced that relationship matters and here is his view of relationship: "In relationship, do not ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for the person. It is not how you can be served, but how you can serve. Not what you can benefit, but what they can benefit from you. To be there for others is not just relationship, it's also leadership."
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