Many of ''US" have been traversing through expansion, contraction, purging, refining and feel at times that we are jumping from cliffs or being pushed off them...This has been a period where we are being asked to realign with "self". Many of ''US'' are traversing through old stories, beliefs and perceptions. We are in a period where we are being afforded the opportunity to "LET GO" and dive into the VOID.

In order to do this it requires aligning only with ''Self''. Dependency or attachment to anything or anyone outside of our personal energetic field can swiftly bring ''US'' back to a cyclical pattern of suffering. This is what elders from Guatemala and Buddhists teachings would describe as the Samsara (the cycle of life and attachment to suffering). In my humble opinion, the only way we can free ourself from suffering is to do our inner work. We are ultimately the only person that liberates ourself. Our inner work will potentially lead us all to truly understand what it means to love self, love all beings and embody compassion. When we reach this state of awareness, we begin to have glimpses of being selfless and liberated from the samsara.

How do we begin our inner work?

First, we make the commitment to self and take the time to "BE" in solitude-silence with self. Depending on what is unfolding in our life will suggest how much solitude is needed. If we are moving through big transitions, being with ''self'' will assure us that we are making choices that are aligned with our highest self. We can easily get distracted by other people''s opinions and astral energies that can influence our perspectives. There are endless ''stories'' to support any given moment or action we wish to justify.

Second, study and explore the wisdoms that are aligned with your highest self. When we take time to study, learn and have discourse with self or an authentic "wisdom keeper", we begin to understand what is true for ''self''.

Third, practice and embody the wisdoms that are aligned with our highest self. It is the practice that helps each ''self'' determine if the wisdoms that we intellectualize or have discourse about are truth for ''self'' and assist us in reaching liberation.

Personally, I have witnessed self and others move through the cycle of life. I have observed beings liberate them self during their transition and others cling to their attachments. During my own solitude, studies and practice...I have been and continue to be humbled beyond words. I have reached new depth of compassion for self and all beings on this planet. I have begun to understand ''LOVE''. It is a different kind of love it is a universal LOVE for all beings. I am welcoming in the opportunity to embody this LOVE for the benefit of all Beings. I continue to explore, contemplate and practice the wisdoms that are presented to me. Which has allowed me to begin to remember what it might mean to live in a universe without suffering. It is BEAUTIFUL in here...if inspired I invite each one of you to DIVE into Self.

Why wait?

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Toro is a creative global visionary committed to serving humanity and the environment through uplifting the human spirit and global transformation. Her life purpose melds writing, design, travel, teaching, and healing. With an educational and professional background in architecture, design, marketing and branding, experience as a Certified Meditation Instructor from the Chopra Center and studies with Deepak Chopra and Saul David Raye, coupled with her natural healing gifts and intuitive nature, Toro utilizes this rich and diverse knowledge base in all of her endeavors.

Toro is also a successful entertainment executive; she served for years as the Creative Visionary and Strategist for media production for of the Black Eyed Peas. Together they produced four music videos, and worked on numerous philanthropic projects. As the former COO of the global music label Jeepney Music, which was founded by, Toro was the leading force behind the label’s creative production and lead the team in their dedication to providing emerging artists and DJs with opportunities they might not otherwise have had due to a lack of funding or resources.

In fall 2008, she launched her internet radio show, a program dedicated to the exploration of the issues that impact our local and global communities with the intent to inspire, raise awareness and create essential life changes centered on inspiration and giving back. The show is called BeSimply... and has expanded to include workshops and meditations; it is currently on at

Suzanne also works as a visionary consultant for private individuals, celebrities, non-profits, and corporations. She is committed to guiding people to heal from within while simultaneously showing them how to connect to their spirit, remember their life purpose, and celebrate and love life with pure joy.

Education and Early Career:

B.S., Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Arizona State University. Toro began her career working for 16 years in commercial, retail, restaurant, and residential architecture and design. She owned and operated Out of Your Mind, a marketing, branding, and design company for 12 years.

Wellness Background:

• Certified Meditation Instructor with The Chopra Center and Deepak Chopra - Primordial Sound Meditation

• Studied Ayurveda Health with Deepak Chopra and Saul David Raye

• Yoga Instructor, Kava Yoga

• Spiritual Couch, Visionary and Strategist (guiding people to find their purpose and live in their natural flow), conducts private soul and healing sessions

• Completed Theta Healing Training and self taught energy work remote and in-person

Seva Work: Apl Foundation,, Alliance for New Humanity, Burma Project, OurFutureNow, Peace for Kids, Conscious Alliance, Be the Cause, Seva Cafe

Toro stands as a leading figure of The Apl Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded by of the Black Eyed Peas that is committed to giving back to communities within the Philippines and throughout Asia with a focus on education, environment, culture and immediate relief. Each year, the team evaluates and selects projects-in-need throughout the world and provides financial aid and awareness generated within local and global communities.

Medical Alliances: Toro serves as a liaison ("spirit bridge") between the mind-body natural approach to healing and traditional medicine. Working with doctors like Deepak Chopra, David Simon, the Simonton Cancer Center, Dr. Jeremy Kaslow, the Mind Body Institute and others, she's become an authentic voice of their work, communicating their messages with grace and providing practical ways to integrate them into everyday life, together with her own meditation and wellness work.

Toro is the author of Bare Naked Bliss: Loving From Within (2008: Booksurge), available also as an audiobook ( and as an ebook (2011: Smashwords).