I was recently talking with a successful restaurateur about some of the difficulties he was having at his business. Like many small business owners he was putting in so many hours working in this business that he had little time to think about working on his business. In particular he needed some managerial talent to help share the load. When I asked him what he was doing to find that help, he said that he had put a sign out in front of his business saying “dishwasher wanted.” He said he had hundreds of applicants but that none of them were suited for management. I asked him if there were some good dishwashers out of that lot and he said yes but what he really needed was a manager. Finally the light came on. If he wanted a manager, then a manager is what he needed to be asking for.

Getting clear about what you really want is a critical first step in ultimately getting what you want. That is why coaching is so powerful. It helps people get crystal clear about what they need to do. Once you are clear about what you need to do the appropriate actions will naturally follow. I wouldn't walk out into the middle of a busy highway during rush hour because I'm clear about what would happen. When you get that clear about what you really want, it is much easier to inform the world around you about what you need. Then both you and others can go to work solving your mutually connected problems. I am confident in today's job market that there are lots of people looking for work that would make great managers. More than likely those same folks are not looking for a job as a dishwasher. Get clear about what you want and then specifically tell others what you want and you'll probably get it.

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From teaching people how to clean toilets to running a cleaning supply company generating millions of dollars in sales, Randy has always been focused on training and developing people. After graduating with a degree in psychology, he spent the next several years managing high-turnover, labor intensive industries – food service and contract cleaning. Working with thousands of employees and clients, he quickly honed his training skills and ability to maximize human potential.

People are the difference. In 1986, Randy started Springfield Janitor Supply in Springfield, Missouri. He took the company from an upstart business operating out of a garage to a regional company generating millions of dollars in sales and employing fourteen full-time employees. For the most part, the cleaning supply business is a commodity business driven by price. Randy was able to set his company apart and generate exceptional margins by providing effective, world-class training programs for his clients and employees.

Randy works full time as an Executive Coach, consultant, and trainer. He is also is an adjunct professor for William Woods University’s MBA program teaching classes in entrepreneurship, management, and marketing.

His latest project is called Leadership Book of the Month, which was recently profiled in the Springfield Business Journal. Leadership Book of the Month is a quick and easy way for business owners and busy professionals to keep up with the latest trends and developments in business and leadership without having to spend hours and hours reading. Learn more about the project at www.LeadershipBookOfTheMonth.com

Randy Mayes, MBA
Professional Certified Coach, ICF
Coach, Trainer, Management and Organizational Development Expert