You probably have in mind a company that stood out with its customer service by suggesting just a small add-on or upgrade instead of selling an entirely new product to you. Or are you, perhaps, reminded of that time when a company took you up on that feedback you provided and actually implemented it?

Were you allowed to exchange an untouched shirt months after you bought it from them, price tag and all? Or possibly, the humble supermarket attendant who carried your heavy shopping basket to your car for you. Whatever the case may be, we all have had our fair share of customer service stories.

We may not have received a missed toy in our post by the resort we just returned from, or a Porterhouse steak when we landed at the airport hand-delivered by a famous steakhouse. But we’ve all experienced the love of a brand for its customer.

Delivering excellent customer service need not be a spectacular once-in-a-blue-moon event. You can go the extra mile for your customers by just paying attention and showing care by focusing on their issues.

Having good knowledge of your products, having a customer centric attitude, aligning with the company’s customer service policies and being innovative can help you deliver good customer services that can wow your customers.

Take for instance, support provided at inbound call centre services or call centre outsourcing services. A large number of calls pour in day in and day out. Customer service representatives filed several questions and complaints. Just being attentive, empathetic and patient can make all the difference in the interactions. Customers will want to contact them again just for the presence of mind shown. Swift, efficient service delivered consistently will always have takers.
So while there may not be actual stories to narrate that creates jaw-dropping moments there are perfectly ordinary acts of good customer service that defines going the extra mile for most brands:

• Calling a customer to say thank you for purchasing from them regularly.
• Including a personalized thank you note for a regular customer.
• Responding to customer mentions on social media with a personalized message that resonates with them. Maybe even throw in a discount coupon while you’re at it.
• Give back to the customer community by offering personalized promotions.
• Incorporate their feedback into your products or services, whatever is usable and that work for you.
• Owning up to mistakes and making immediate corrections or changes and thanking your customer for pointing it out in the first place.
• Calming down an irate customer and getting his complaint sorted in the most transparent way.
• Saving a customer some money on his order by pointing out to a better deal or combination or products.
The point is, customer service stories need not be all pomp and show. You can get customers to rave about you by being customer-centric, through simple but thoughtful acts of support. Phykon is always for you regarding call centre outsourcing services and inbound call centre services.For more information visit or visit

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As an entrepreneur, are you stuck at the crossroads of choosing between growing your business or offering good customer service? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a business based in Sydney Australia, Phykon takes pride in helping local businesses flourish. How do we do that? By enabling them to offer excellent customer service using a fully trained team of experts to offer outbound and inbound call centre services and call centre outsourcing services from an AI-enabled contact centre. Over the years, this has helped many Australian businesses attain their growth goals.

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