What can we do to help each other?

I realized today in wondering what I would blog about I came upon this realization. When we know something we often assume that everyone knows that thing or lifestyle, or subject. Not true. So this is really an encouragement to share you gifts. I often take all I know for granite. I figure everyone knows about lifestyle, truly healthy eating, breathing, chanting, meditating, building community, yoga, relationships, etc. so I want to help you look at what you know and honor it by seeing how you can bring it into the light of day.

Define them:
What are you gifts?
Who needs what you have?
Why do they need it?
How can you get it out there effectively?
Who do you know that will support you? Become an affiliate, fan, influencer

Where to start? Because this is a circular space I don’t think it really matters. Just start. Really if you just start you may take what seem like some wrong turns but you will learn something from each turn and everyone you meet. Hopefully you will share your gifts with them. This will make you invaluable, learn from President Obama. It’s what he did in his first term in the senate. He didn’t try and impress anyone about how smart he is he served others. Web 2.0 really is about serving and supporting others with your gifts. They in turn may or may not support you. BUT you gifts will get out there and those who need and want them will start coming to you to share, to learn, of offer links.

6 months ago: I had heard the term Web 2.0 but now I am a part of this community. I could tell you horror stories about starting. I never felt dumber in my life and I can tell you I am not a geek now. I do however not have a problem navigating facebook and twitter. I even have apps to make it easier
by the grace of one great teacher Nikki Leigh who made me know I could do it. It’s just like the little train that could. One thing each day then two then remember why you want to learn this. If we can’t share our gifts how can we help to change this country around? Remember it is not just resting on President Obama’s shoulders it rests on ours.

So Connect: Let me know what you plan to do. How can I help you? How can you help others? Really this is the conversation. I help you and you help me and we help each other along. It may not be reciprocal but if you share others will come to your party.

Party Time:
What are you bringing to the party? Parties are for gifts. Write out your gifts and add to the list each day and then take one step each day to get them out where they can see the light of day and light others life up. Connection is the new currency, as a friend of mine would say.


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