For many, the need to be right and look good far exceeds the need to learn about, express and find peace and happiness. Change is sought by most through drugs, injections, surgery, flashing cash, driving a hot car or some other kind of instant attractor that might yield the gratification they don’t believe they already deserve.

Many people choose to be victims. Why? Because the victim is always the good guy, right? The perpetrator is the bad guy. So these people make those around them wrong. This way they can be the victim and therefore “right.”

Friends, if you wake up every morning ecstatic about life, you probably know most of these secrets. If not, admit that what you’ve been thinking in the past has not served you and immediately be free to change your life and forever live in a field of unfolding miracles!

Mystical Secrets (miracle makers) are found only by those who will accept, acknowledge and trust that which indwells them and make simple changes such as those described in my books or these articles by the interesting writers for SelfGrowth. Here, we are considering the “big” questions in life such as, “Who am I? Why am I here? How do I find happiness? How can I experience success and peace of mind?” My whole purpose is to make these answers practical and simple. It is, however, your job to customize and implement them for your own personal experience.

A joyful and powerful, spiritual based life is attainable NOW, right where a suffering, material limited form of life appears to be the only reality.

Your part will require reading, as many times as necessary, these possibilities so you might incorporate the principles. The good news is: They are simple and they work for anyone who will simply invest some thought, desire and willingness.
Merely perusing them won’t hack it! We need to transcend our limited views in order to live a rich, full life.

After this, you will, most likely, seek other teachers who will add new ideas and color to your experience. Never stop engaging life.

So, if the need to be right and the need to look good are more important to you than inner peace and happiness, close this page and ignore the miracles I will be writing about.Be aware: Life is served to you on a silver platter, understanding is not.

If you think you have all the answers consider my favorite quote...(source unknown): “If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.”

Like the weather, everything of this world changes—especially the rules you thought you were following. There is Reality, which consists of that which always was and ever will be, and illusion, which consists of so-called facts, conditions, circumstances, opinions, consensus, or in other words, perceptions. These perceptions have their place, just not in the realm of Eternal Truth. That which is temporary is a weak place to hang your hat, much less, your mind, soul and life!

We can allow space for everyone regardless whether we agree with them or not. Ask anyone if they are average, above or below average. Almost everyone will tell you they are above average. That is mathematically impossible. This attitude results from judging others and, once again, wanting to be right. We are all more wondrous than we can imagine. Let us not look down at others in an attempt to raise our own estimation of ourselves.


Under these circumstances, It seems wiser to me to see the highest and best in every soul we encounter; after all, at the Source of everyone is total perfection whether we choose to see and accept it or not. This doesn’t mean you should blindly trust anyone who sweet-talks you; it means to see past the obvious to the Perfect Plan that supports and cares for us all.

Your feelings are your teachers and work as a guidance system to keep you on track. You can reverse the process. Feel good first and you will create
circumstances that make you happy.

If you don’t make any changes in how you think and carry out your life, you will get what you already have. You won’t get the benefits the caring writers in SelfGrowth can offer. If you are still reading at this point, you clearly desire a richer, fuller life, abounding with promise. Let us now continue to explore together. Follow my articles and learn how to find happiness without stepping on others to get where you want to go.

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Todd Puntolillo is a life-long metaphysician. As a speaker, he has delivered his message of love and healing on television and radio. As a writer, he has written columns for national, international and local publications. He has given seminars, classes, does public speaking engagements on radio and TV and also does personal coaching. Todd has spent sixty years in pursuit of an understanding of the metaphysical laws that underwrite our existence. His remarkably clear and profound approach to this massive undertaking renders his books a must for anyone who questions his place and purpose in this immense realm we call life.
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