Leading recruiter always asks “What Are Your Salary Expectations?” to the interviewees during the interview process. This question comes up earlier or later in every job interview. It is probably not so the toughest question to answer but you have to be more careful while answering this. The best recruiter frequently asks this HR interview question to the candidates. In so far as the interviewer seems cheerful, he/she is also interested in knowing if their company can really ‘afford’ you or not. Therefore, you have to answer this question very smartly.

A straightforward reply is not at all a good option. For example, don’t say openly, “XXX Lakhs per annum would just do fine”. But answering in this manner seems very rude. All the efforts that you made during the interview will come under risk if you speak in this manner. Be honest but don’t say anything straightforwardly. The ready-to-use explanations below will help you shape your answer better.

Hence, let’s have a look at a list of ready-to-use explanations suggested by the best employment agency which will help you for shaping a better answer.

Possible Answer #1

Try to understand the job role first.

“Before I answer this question, I would like to have a better understanding of the position and the expected responsibilities which I have to do for this job. I would also like to know what works will be expected from my side while I work here. Since I have been working in a similar position for the past few months; I can measure what my worth is. It is very obvious that a person working in such positions has a bigger role to play. I undoubtedly believe that I would be offered important tasks. Then I hope, we can settle down on a certain figure later.”

Possible Answer #2

Try to ask for team interaction first.

“This is quite a tough question. As per my believe this job position will give me a huge career up gradation. I really have to work hard for many years to reach where I am right now. I am positively looking forward to work with your esteemed organization. I consider this job as a new milestone for me. As you know, the responsibilities which are given to me are much bigger and tougher. I would be facing entirely new challenges. At the moment, I cannot come up with a fixed amount. Hopefully, after interacting with my future team members, later today, I will be able to answer this question better.”

Possible Answer #3

Asking for another round of interview.

“According to me, this is not the right time for me to answer the question. To be frank, I haven’t observed the work environment and the challenges that I would be facing, yet. So, before discussing salary, I want to explore more about the responsibilities I might have to face. And I can do that only after speaking to the Manager of the future team. Therefore, I would like to go for a Managerial round of interview too. Once that’s done, I will be able to gain some more information about the type of tasks I would be getting. However, you can also help me by informing what budget has been decided for this post because those will help me to figure out a better idea about what I should be expecting. Therefore, I request you to postpone this discussion until I get the required information.”

Possible Answer #4

Asking about the company’s budget for the position.

“For answering this question, it would be good if you tell me what you were paying to the previous employee who was in this job role. Whether his/her qualifications and experience is similar to me? This data can help me to decide on an exact figure. I know this post will offer a lot of opportunities to me and I am aware of the fact that this organization will offer me plenty of success too. So, as per my belief estimating an amount right now will be good. I would like to work in my way ahead and possibly in one or two days, we can agree on a mutual figure.”

Some of the other possible ways may be: avoiding the question subtly, buying more time with a clever answer, a diplomatic final answer, for a fresher or intern, for an experienced candidate, for less experienced candidates.

Get more ideas about how to sound diplomatic while coming up with a good answer from the best employment agency.

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