If you are anything like me, you like to educate yourself about certain things that interest you so you can progress at what you do. For me, this is researching the individual abdominal muscles and how they all cooperate to provide your body that "six pack" appearance.

It's essential to know what exactly you are working out, why you are doing it, and how to accomplish it the correct way. You don't prefer to just do something without having any understanding of it right?

This is why I composed this article, to better help you understand exactly what you are working out when you perform abdominal exercises.

Plus, when you understand what you are exercising and how it all works, you may possibly be one step above everyone else and actually know how to give certain abdominal muscles the absolute best workout.


What Are The "Six Pack Abs"

Your six pack abdominals are composed of three separate abdominal muscles groups. The first muscle group is the rectus abdominus, and this is what actually forms the notorious six pack.

The second muscle group is the oblique abdominals, and these are what compose your waist muscles and are usually found beneath the fatty layer we like to call "love handles."

The last muscle group is the transverse abdominus and these are basically the hidden stomach muscles that are actually much tougher to workout. These are three separate muscle groups, but they all form together to comprise your stomach and can actually be developed into toned abdominal muscles over time.

It may appear like you need to do a lot of work to tone every one of these muscle groups, but it is actually very easy if you recognize and understand what you are doing.


The Rectus Abdominus Is The Upper And Lower Abs

Your rectus abdominus area is what we know as the upper and lower abdominals. These are our primary targets when performing abdominal workouts because they form the six pack which everyone seems to be seeking.

The rectus abdominus connects the pelvis to both the sternum and the ribs, which provides you with that "tugging" feeling when you work your mid section during workouts.

These muscles are usually hidden underneath abdominal fat and lots of individuals have a difficult time unveiling these muscles because they don't know how.


How To Tone The Rectus Abdominus Area

To unveil those hidden six pack abs, you must do two things. First you need to destroy that abdominal fat that covers them, and secondly you need to build those muscles up so they naturally appear to bust through that fatty layer and unveil themselves.

It's much easier than you think if you know how so educate yourself to learn how you can maximize those upper and lower abs. Don't be like everyone else who just does ab exercises, but take initiative by researching the best ways to unveil those six pack abdominals.


Those Pesky Love Handles or Oblique Abdominals

The oblique abdominals are those muscles hidden under the pesky "love handles" that so many people try to get rid of. The obliques are what most people call "waist muscles" or "side abs" because they form a continual wrap around your torso area and make up the muscles you find along your waist area.

These muscles are so vital because they wrap around your waist and enclose your bony structure along with your internal organs and form a protective support.

Along with this important reason, the obliques are one of the harder muscle groups to tone and workout, which is why you should focus a bit more on your obliques when exercising. It can seem very difficult at first but if you can learn exactly how to get rid of that fat and unveil those toned obliques, the results are well worth it.


How To tone & Strengthen Your Oblique Abdominals

You can either start off with beginner exercises or go straight to advanced exercises to push your obliques even more, but whatever you decide, make sure to follow pure oblique abdominal exercises that will give your waist muscles the best workout.

You don't want any old exercise but you want to research the absolute best exercises for your obliques.


The Transverse Abdominus & The Hidden Muscles

Your transverse abdominus can be the harder of the three abdominal groups to tone and strengthen. The reason is that they are hidden and protected by the transverse abdominus.

This means that your abdominal workouts are mainly targeting your "six pack" abdominals, while a small percentage of exercises are really targeting the muscles beneath the six pack abdominals.

The transverse abdominus is almost invisible to most people because it's covered by the rectus abdominus, but if you can focus more on core exercises that workout your whole core, you'll begin to tone these muscles.

The main reason you want to focus on this core area during workouts is because this muscle is what flattens your midsection to allow for your six pack abdominals to shine through.


How To Tone The Transverse Abdominus Muscle Group

Though this muscle group can seem impossible to see, it doesn't mean you can't begin to tone it out through your workouts. If you can focus on core exercises that go deep into your muscles, you'll feel your transverse abdominus begin to strengthen.

When you perform abdominal exercises, push through certain exercises until you feel the "burn" sensation go even deeper than your six pack abdominals. This will allow for even deeper strengthening, which will allow for exercises to target your transverse abdominus as well.


Go Out And Use This Knowledge

Now that you have an understanding of each abdominal muscle group and how to strengthen those muscles, go out and use this knowledge to benefit your Fitness Program. Knowledge is the beginning of success, so now that you have the proper wisdom, go out and succeed.

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