Success and motivation are closely intertwined with each other. Debates may have presented a theory claiming that the required motivation for success should come from within. However, the influence coming from the outside is something that also leaves a significant impact on one's success story.

There is no dearth of motivational speakers? However, a close look at their profile will let you understand that completing a public speaking course is all that most of them have done. Therefore, it can be said that there is undoubtedly a dearth of genuine motivational leaders.

In the case, you are required to hire any of the reputed inspirational speakers for your upcoming event; here are a few attributes you must search for them.

Go through the following to learn about some of the qualities that allow them to claim the reputation.

Inspirational Speakers

Intelligence with sensitivity

Intelligence does not always come as an inheritance. The speakers must have the intelligence that allows them to understand and use the emotion as well as the sensitive core of the audience as a driving force of self-motivation.

The speakers need to assess what kind of emotional condition the audience is dealing with (fear, lack of enthusiasm or forced submissive) and utilise it for collective benefit while delivering the speech.

Aware of facts

A motivational speech is not philosophical preaching. It must include relevant facts and authentic study cases that can validate the entire content. The speaker you are considering to hire for any corporate event, or any other motivational program not only requires remaining aware of the facts but must be aware of the techniques to deliver the points to the audience in the most believable way.

Allowing freshness to the content

Quality of content added to the speech is something that comes from thorough research and understanding of the speaker. A gust of freshness and a unique approach to delivering a statement to the mass or a collective group makes the content having the desired depth.

Balancing the information

Well, only the right motivational speakers can adjust the data correctly. They know which of that information can be added to the speech and the part that can be discarded too quickly. Striking the right balance is essential for a triumphant speech addressing critical issues like personal development in Perth, and every motivational speaker must be aware of the technique.

Impromptu Speaking Style

The speech must have the quality of being impromptu. It should not be appearing as something well prepared and manipulated. The speech must be fluent and spontaneous so that the audience can easily relate to the style and understand the content.

Instant problem-solving skill

Most of the renowned speakers include a question and answering sessions in their speech where they involve the audience in the session to place their queries. The questions can be anything, and without a comprehensive sense to the problematic issues, it becomes impossible to resolve the problems instantly.

Sense of power and conviction

The audience will neither feel encouraged nor become motivated with a speech that fails to establish a sense of confidence. The thought of power and conviction with the speech makes it sound authenticated to the audience. They look for the spark and spirit in the speech that they usually don’t get in any other standard speech.


It may be difficult for you to assess whether the speaker you are connecting with possesses the required criteria or not. However, having a chat and considering the feedbacks in favour of any particular speaker will let you understand the qualities of a qualified motivational speaker.

Author's Bio: 

The author Nkandu Belts has an experience of getting in touch with most reputed inspirational speakers in the recent times and possesses in-depth knowledge about the impact of motivational speakers on personal development in Perth.