According to the professional book illustration service providers, Amazon took online reading mainstream after ebooks and e-readers. It provides ebook publishing and marketing facilities to independent writers to share their stories with the world.

Most ebook authors easily sell their ebooks through Kindle and Amazon. In this way, they learn how to write, market, publish, and sell the bestselling ebook on different platforms. It helps you in making a research analysis of your ebook business.

The famous ebook publication places like Barnes, iBook, and Noble’s Nook are some of the best ebook market competition players. According to the professional book illustration services, ebook business owners have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month selling and publishing ebooks online.

Professional book illustration service providers studied that a few entrepreneurial authors achieve success in their ebook services while making maximum profit. The question is, why the rate of a writer’s success is lower than others? The reason behind this is the blunders that authors make while creating the bestselling ebook. Let’s read this blog and learn what those mistakes, including how to solve them, are.

1. Ignoring the specific targeted audience

Your book's presence on successful publishing platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes, and Nobles sounds successful. You know your book will distribute to all kinds of readers in the world. The issue is fierce competition outside. It is quite difficult for your ebook to stand out among millions of bestselling ebooks.

According to the professional book illustration service providers, most entrepreneurial authors fail to achieve this goal because they can’t clearly find the purpose of selling ebooks. They don’t let their targeted audience identify their brand, understand their ebook’s theme, visualize their book and themselves.

Professional book illustration service providers suggest you target audiences interested in reading whether you sell books, products, and services. Even when you are working on fiction, you should define your genre and cater to those potential readers.

2. Ignoring business activity automation

Ebook business is the best source of making maximum profit, but achieving hundreds of dollars on a single is impossible. That’s why most of the authors keep a specific target of making high sales within months. But maintaining, processing, and tracking this schedule is a time-consuming process. That’s why professional ebook illustration service providers suggest you use useful tools to complete all these tasks in minimum duration.

Successful and biggest ebook publishing platforms like Barnes, Amazon, and iBook prefer fast payment and delivery. That’s why professional ebook illustration service providers suggest you set up a full-fledged automated system to manage and process various ebook business activities. In this way, you can send your ebooks as quickly as possible with payment. Don’t forget to automate your marketing operations such as social media management, email list, and autosponder.

3. Unattractive ebook cover and title

When people judge the book's quality by its cover, the days have gone by when the title is the biggest myth in the ebook selling industry. According to professional book illustration service providers, ebooks' covers and titles make your ebook’s impression at first sight. Similarly, a boring and non-engaged cover and title can ruin all your ebook marketing and selling efforts. No matter, the reader has a great interest in a certain subject.

Professional book illustration service providers recommend you make eye-catching ebook covers and titles. Make sure they must reflect what you have written in your ebook. They must be highly intuitive, engaging so that a little thumbnail must visible on retail sites. Write your ebook that can define what it is and how beneficial it is for them. Don’t forget to learn about copywriting process.

4. Ignoring the ebook’s uniqueness

Comparison of your work with your competitors or the successful ones is necessary to win the competition. The professional ebook illustration service providers suggest you to tracking how your competitors are attracting maximum potential readers and making the highest sales in the market. It will help you improve your ebook writing skills, understand their demands, and learn some useful ebook marketing techniques.


Professional ebook illustration service providers suggest you avoid writing and publishing those ebooks that can’t make maximum profit. Suppose you are sure about your work’s authenticity and uniqueness, and still, it can’t fulfill your selling objectives. In that case, you should re-check it, or you can hire professionals who can proofread it with effective editing services. It will be better rather than taking tension or start writing a new book. Don’t forget to get useful insights from the market.

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