Lack of sleep, commonly known as insomnia, is a problem which most people experience nowadays. Though you have lots of reasons which can be attributed to this problem, the primary reasons of sleeplessness are day to day problems, emotional anxiety and improper dietary habits. You will need to recognize and eliminate the triggers at the earliest to avoid it from leading to additional complications.

The extremely competitive work environment is one among the leading causes of insomnia. With employers expecting their staff to go the extra mile to achieve their targets, workers are stretching themselves thin to meet the expectations. This plus the expectations of parents, partners and children is sure to give any person sleepless nights. The only way to beat this problem is by relieving yourself of stress. A few minutes of meditation just before you sleep will help to relieve emotional stress and you will be able to enjoy sound restful sleep the whole night.

Coffee has become a common beverage all over the world, in spite of the excessive levels of caffeine it contains. By reason of its ability to keep the mind active and alert at all times, people end up gulping down unending number of cups without realizing the repercussions. The increased accumulation of caffeine in the body obliterates the feeling of tiredness and causes sleeplessness. Limiting the amount of coffee to just 2-3 cups a day and avoiding it totally at least three hours ahead of bedtime ensure restful sleep.

Anorexia and bulimia are also common causes of insomnia. Individuals who are anorexic hit the bed without a proper meal and those suffering from bulimia stuff themselves with rich foods just before bedtime. Both these practices have a negative effect on your ability to sleep. It is crucial to follow proper eating habits and have well balanced food at least 2 hours ahead of nighttime to sleep well.

Excessive cigarette smoking can also be a leading reason for insomnia. Cigarettes have a component called nicotine which intensifies the level of activity in the brain and renders a person sleepless. Nicotine furthermore intensifies cardiac activity and evokes a feeling of restlessness. The increased flow of blood to the brain reduces fatigue and causes insomnia.

Those who lead a desk bound lifestyle also suffer from lack of sleep. Physical exercises are important to enjoy good sleep. You don't need to do excessive strenuous workouts for hours together to overcome insomnia. All you need is a short walk for a few minutes before heading to bed to unwind your muscles and enhance blood circulation.

Added to these, there are other reasons of insomnia such as drug abuse, excessive alcohol consumption and poor sleeping habits. It is necessary to take charge and identify the reason for insomnia at the earliest to avoid falling prey to other health ailments.

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