Nocturnal emissions or ejaculation during sleep needs immediate cure as it can cast negative effects on health and can strain relationship with spouse. Herbal remedies and lifestyle changes collectively provide a certain cure to the problem and stop ejaculation during sleep completely without causing any side effects. Among adult males this is a common problem and it is more prevalent amongst teenagers, to some extent during young age this is considered as normal but if it continues even after young age or its frequency increases beyond normal limits then it certainly needs treatment. Sometimes ejaculation during sleep occurs without any stimulation and excitement and person comes to know about it when it is over, but in most of the cases sexual stimulation in the day is the cause for it, in either condition one should make efforts to cure the problem to avoid complicacies to health in future.

Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera is a perfect natural remedy to cure ejaculation during sleep. This herb is health rejuvenator and promotes flow of energy in the body by revitalizing internal system and organs. It is extremely beneficial in increasing mental energy and power and is used as memory booster too. Better mental health can resolve the problem of ejaculation during sleep in most of the cases, though it has aphrodisiac properties but it also strengthens nerves and muscles of the body which help in controlling functions of body organs during sleep and avoid passing out of semen during sleep. This herb is available in capsule, tablet, powder form and can be consumed in organic form too for beneficial results.

Ginseng is another herb which also provides sure cure for ejaculation during sleep this herb has rich anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties and has been used since ages to cure problems related to reproductive organs. It is also a nourishing stimulant which increases stamina and energy levels in the body and keeps a person mentally and physically healthy. Person suffering from nightfall or nocturnal emissions can easily consume all these valuable herbs in a right amount by taking NF Cure capsule, which is the most reputed and trusted natural remedy for curing ejaculation during sleep.

Massages of peppermint oil can cure the problem of ejaculation during sleep in short time too. It is hybrid oil prepared by a cross of spearmint and water mint and helps in stabilizing mood, improving the immune system and aiding digestion. Pumpkin seeds are rich sources of zinc, proteins and vitamins and provide cure to the problem of ejaculation during sleep. Pumpkin seed extract improve functioning of reproductive organs immensely which cures the problems of ejaculation during sleep effectively and without any side effects to health. Shilajit, Gingko Biloba, Kava Kava, Passion flower and Fenugreek also provide herbal cures to the problem of nocturnal emissions and are good for overall health.

Lifestyle changes are also required to cure the problem of ejaculation during sleep, people in habit of eating heavy dinner just before going to bed need to change this habit and should take a mild walk before lying down on bed to reduce the chances of nocturnal emissions. Drinking lot of water, staying physically active, staying away from sexual stimulation during the day and taking a shower before going to bed can also help immensely in controlling and curing the problem of ejaculation during sleep.

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