Your chin plays a decisive role in your facial appearance. The chin and the jaw line are areas which are sharply indicative of the signs of aging. There are various options available to restore a youthful appearance. If you think your looks can be improved by redefining your chin, consult an experienced plastic surgeon for cosmetic chin surgery or genioplasty. One question that most patients ask is ‘what can I expect after genioplasty’?

How Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Help Improve Your Appearance

Cosmetic surgery for the chin can advance, recess, raise, or lower the chin. Chin augmentation can be used to treat genetic chin deficiencies, atrophy of the chin due to aging, and traumatic deformities of the mandible.

There are various surgical procedures to improve the looks of your chin and the surgeon has to first determine which one would be right for you. This is done after a detailed evaluation of digital photographs of frontal and lateral views of your face. The procedures available include chin implants, bone surgery and soft tissue procedures.

  • Chin implants:Recent reports indicate an increase in the demand for chin implants among men and women above age 40. Implants can results in a stronger chin. The surgeon decides on the type of implant and material of the implant depending on the patient’s specific needs. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Chin implants can correct a weak, underdeveloped chin, create an attractive face and neck profile and reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • Bone surgery: Called sliding genioplasty, bone surgery for the chin involves surgery to cut the chin bone and position it in a more suitable location. Bone surgery corrects the same issues as chin implants do. Horizontal and vertical deficiencies of the lower jaw bone are corrected by combining surgery with implants.

Soft tissue procedures are sometimes performed to improve the results of implants and surgery. Cosmetic chin surgery outcomes differ from person to person and cookie cutter results are not possible.

Genioplasty – Post-operative Effects and Care

Chin augmentation is a straightforward plastic surgery procedure. Results you can expect:

  • Minimal postoperative pain
  • Some discoloration, bruising swelling is typical for 2-3 weeks
  • Some numbness around the treatment area
  • When the incision is inside the mouth, eating ant teeth brushing are limited immediately after surgery
  • Dressings are removed 5-7 days following the surgery
  • Internal sutures are absorbable and do not need removal
  • Scars fade fast

The right plastic surgeon will plan the surgery after a thorough evaluation of both the chin area and the entire face. This enables the proper choice of implant and surgical procedure. Patient counseling is essential to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of complications, which are usually rare. Follow physician instructions on post-operative care to ensure the best outcome.

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