Love can create wholeness within, therefore creating wholeness without.

Love can behold all conditions and stand tall in the midst of all adversity.

Love can heal disease. When in a state of discomfort and disempowerment, love can renew and rejuvenate.

Love can and will change the outcome of a relationship, whether a past experience or a present relationship.

Love can energize; love can electrify our souls to freedom.

Love is wonderful on all levels.

Love takes responsibility.

Love grows. Love enhances. Love Reveals. Love generates a new.

Love is power. Love is care. Love is forgiveness. Love is gratitude.

Love is to be. Love is to have. Love is to understand.

Love is patience. Love is compassion. Love is passion. Love is honesty.

Love is to honor. Love is to be authentic. Love is to listen. Love is to evolve.

Love is to be generous. Love is to give. Love is to share. Love is to receive.

Love is to request. Love is to build. Love is to gather. Love is to rejoice into Oneness.

Love is two hands together. Love is many hands together.

Love is to look. Love is to look beyond the shadows of the ego.

Love is took carefully.

Love is to look into the God within each and every person. Love is to release all judgements.

Love is to be. Love is to love oneself. Love is. Love just gets better and better.

Love creates prosperity, abundance, opulence and wealth.

Love creates health. Love is personal. Love is within.

Love is detached. Love simply is.

Love is what is, and what it Is, is so special.

Love unites one with oneself and with others.

Love reunites one with God, the Universe and all that there is.

Love is nature. Love is the Trees, the Flowers, the Valleys, the Rivers, the Ocean, the Desert, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth. All that is. Love is the animals. Love is the birds. Love is in form and out of form.

Love is.

Love is to love. Love is to be and simply accept and move on.

Love is the present. Love is inside now.

Love is to be creative. Love is to be peaceful. Love is to be joyful.

Love is to be calm. Love is to be.

How wonderful it is to know that we are All in Form.

We are All that is. We are Great! We are just right. We are unique. We are a part of God and the Universe.

We blossom every moment as love. We are creators of Love. With our every intention and thought we are creating.

Right here, right now we are presently creating together. We are uniting here with Love as the essence and medium for greater and greater possibilities.

Give Power to Love today and reap the effects of togetherness inside and out.

Your are so worthy and deserving of infinite love today, tomorrow and eternally.

With Gratitude and appreciation. Bless you.

Lovelight Michelle

Author's Bio: 

Founder and Spiritual Director of Lovelight Holistic Ministry. Divine Healer, Writer, Teacher, Master Dahn Yoga Healer. I am a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapist. Certified Brain Management Consultant. Certified Reiki and Pranic Healer. Guiding others in their healing process mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My life purpose is to support and awaken people to their true selves, the power within and to cause and create Oneness inside and out. I also connect to the Spritual World for assistance where Love is the essence of Truth and Oneness.