What Can Make Your Dick Bigger: How To Make Your Dick Get Bigger

Men are naturally conscious, unsatisfied and embarrassed about the size of their penis. Some of them, although blessed with larger genitalias still yearn to have it grow even longer and thicker. Such desire aside from being rooted to men's psyche is also attributed to their longing to accentuate their manhood considering the fact that most of them believe that having bigger penises enhance their sexual appeal and performance.

It has been known that longer and thicker penises can penetrate deeper inside women and enhance pleasure by covering more of the vaginal erogenous zone. Yet although a majority of women value the emotional connection established with their partners during intercourse more than penile sizes with some even claiming that such assets are irrelevant, it is still important for men to be able to boost their self esteem by proving that they are better lovers. With this comes the idea of penis enlargement.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Penis enlargement procedures can be done in various ways, from natural to artificial. But since artificial methods such as surgeries are too expensive and are known to be causing fatal side effects, the natural method becomes a better choice. There are three most common ways of natural penis enlargement: the penis exercise, the use of penis traction devices and natural penis pills.

Penis exercises although often dismissed are the most natural, safe and proven methods of enhancement. The most common of these exercises is the Jelqs which resembles that of a firm milking motion from around the base of the penis to the head in a repetitive manner, when it has reached a semi-erect state. Such exercise aids in the growth of erectile tissues allowing it to hold a larger volume of blood leading to larger and thicker erections.

Some suggests the combination of penis exercise with penis enlargement pills which are mostly offered over the internet. It is said that pills containing Pomegranate 70% Ellagen can grow the penis to up to 53%, improves staying power and increases production of semen. However, researchers have found out that some of these products can be harmful to the body as some were proven to contain contaminants.

Another well-know method is the use of traction devices. The device helps increase the length and girth of the penis and is very convenient since one only needs to wear it but for at least 2-6 hours a day. The device, when worn applies gentle pressure on the shaft stimulating the erectile tissue to expand over time.

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Since you are reading this article, it would be safe to assume that you are interested in learning more about penis enlargement exercises, either because you have heard about it in the past or really are in dire need of penis enlargement.

If you have already heard about penis enlargement exercises, then you must have heard about jelqing by now, as well. Generally speaking, jelqing refers to one of the penis enlargement exercises that sends more blood into the penis through a special repetitive moving grip and motion.

The overall goal of penis enlargement exercises, in general, would be to increase the blood that the penis can hold in during an erection. See, the more blood that your penis can hold, the thicker and longer it can become in the long run. Believe it or not, this really works and the best part is that it isn't just a quick fix, either. It can actually bring about permanent gains and results.

Penis enlargement exercises have actually been used for years now, but it is one of the few penis enlargement methods that actually work. Since jelqing has been done for centuries now, going all the way back to the days when Middle Eastern tribes exist, it is pretty clear that they work; otherwise, men wouldn't be following them to begin with.

It is said that the younger men of these tribes used to get together and do these exercises as one as part of tradition and culture. Despite the many years that have already passed since their origins, though, one thing hasn't changed since then: the fact that men are always interested to get a bigger penis in the long run. Since a huge penis is considered to be an attractive and masculine trait in today's society, it really is no surprise why you are reading this article right now.

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Naturally, jelqing won't really work unless you do it properly, though. If you want to ensure that you don't hurt your manhood in any way, it would also be important to choose a legitimate and good exercise routine that has been tried and tested and comes from a reputable source before going on this journey. While there are a lot of free routines available on the World Wide Web nowadays, your penile health would be worth the time and money to pay for a more reputable source. Think about it.

There are actually different variations to jelqing out there, including the dry jelq and the wet jelq. Regardless of which one you choose, though, they can be used with various other penis enlargement exercises for even better results. Just like the exercises that you would do at the gym to improve your body and your strength, so can you use these exercises to improve your penile length, girth and health.

While jelqing can be used to help increase penile length, though, its main purpose is to increase penile girth. If you want a longer penis, then penile stretches would be your best bet combined with PC muscle exercises that can send more blood into your manhood. PC muscle exercises also happen to be great ways to get more control over your ejaculation and, in turn, last much longer in bed.

Penis enlargement as a whole is also very beneficial for your health. In fact, the healthier you are, the better your results in this endeavor will be. So, aside from becoming more attractive to your sexual partners by having a bigger penis, you can also impress with them with higher energy levels and better stamina overall. How great is that?

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Penis enlargement exercises exist all over the World Wide Web nowadays, teaching men how to gain better penile width and length with ease. Jelqing is one of these penis enlargement exercises and is known to be one of the best ways to get the job done, as well.

In a nutshell, jelqing is considered to be one of the most powerful penis enlargement exercises you can do. Plus, if combined with other penis enlargement exercises, including warm ups and stretches, it can even turn into the most influential method to use for the job overall.

In a nutshell, jelqing refers to an ancient method that men from different cultures and tribes have been turning to for centuries to get a bigger penis. Jelqing is said to have originated from Arabic culture, where big penises are considered to be the ultimate sign of power. While it isn't clear how true that statement is, it is definitely clear that these penis enlargement exercises really do work.

Jelqing is a vital core exercise for penis enlargement and is actually known to be the most effective and most popular one overall. This exercise basically sends more blood than usual into the penis's corpora cavernosa chambers, thus stretching the penile tissues to form more penile tissue cells in the process.

After a few months of doing this exercise, your manhood's blood chambers will get bigger and will be able to hold more blood overall. When these chambers improve in terms of holding more blood, your manhood will then get bigger in both its erect and flaccid states, but most especially in its erect state.

The best part is that, when done properly for a few months, you can enjoy the positive results for life. That's right. The results that you gain from this exercise are completely permanent. Plus, this exercise also happens to be completely safe and not harmful in any way, so you don't have to worry about damaging your goods in the process. Penis enlargement aside, jelqing is also known to improve penile strength and health at the same time.

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There are actually various types of jelqing out there that you can practice nowadays. However, the general goal remains the same all throughout. Most men seem to prefer the standard technique, though - probably because feedback shows that it is the most successful one to date.

If the standard technique starts to get boring the more you progress in the world of jelqing, though, you are always free to advance to other variations as needed. Just make sure you thoroughly read the instructions of each jelqing technique before you stick to them, though. This way, you can figure out which one works best for you.

Regardless of which variation you turn to, though, the main goal would be to thicken and strengthen your manhood. If you find this exercise uncomfortable to do, then try using some lubrication during penis enlargement exercises. This should make the motions smoother and should minimize discomfort at the same time.

If practiced every other day for a week, this basic exercise can add up to three inches of penile length, while proportionately growing in circumference, as well. While some men may not experience a lot of growth for the first month, the second and third month are sure to result in an increase of at least two inches if you keep at it, so don't give up, no matter what!

Before starting any serious routine for penis enlargement, it would also be important to do a warm up first. This is actually an important part of the routine, so make sure you don't miss out on it, either!

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Being well endowed in the manhood department is not just to make you look more masculine - having an adequately sized penis is crucial for you to better satisfy your wife or girlfriend in bed. And these days, you do not have to endure painful surgeries to make your penis bigger in size. There are plenty of easy and painless ways guaranteed to help you become bigger down there!

One of the more common ways amongst guys today is by taking male enhancement supplements. These supplement pills are often made of natural ingredients which are chosen for their growth-aiding properties. You can easily purchase these pills from the Internet these days, without needing any prescription.

But be aware of the plethora of products in the market today. Most, if not all, of these pills are not FDA-approved. So be wise with choosing the right male enhancement pill, and avoid those that have received bad feedback from people who have used them.

Another way of going about enlarging your male organ is through the use of specially designed devices, such as the penile extender tool. This device uses the basis of stretching your penis until it gradually increases in size.

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This stretching effect causes what is known as cell division within your penis, where the cells split and expand. Over time, the repeated act of cell division results in your male organ growing bigger in physique.

Penile extender tools work very well - in fact, it is widely recognized even by medical professionals as a very effective way to enhance the penis size. However, these tools are also expensive, costing between $300 and $500 each!

If you want a less riskier and less costlier way to enhance your manhood, why not try exercising your penis instead? You do not face the risk of consuming unsafe supplements, and you do not have to end up splurging hundreds of dollars on some special tools.

In fact, all you need to gain size to your penis through exercise are your own pair of hands!

Yes, it may take a bit more effort to exercise your male organ with your hands compared to just gulping down pills. Yes, it may take a while longer for you to see actual results as opposed to using an extender tool.

But there is no doubt that doing exercises is a safer, cheaper, and very effective way to make you better equipped to keep your wife or girlfriend sexually satisfied!

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