Many people think about how to make Instagram the best. Well, firstly, set your goal - think what you want to reach with it and in what period. For example, to become a book blogger and receive book reviews from publishers or become a beauty blogger to create small tutorials in collaboration with famous brands.

It is necessary to find an idea for the blog, to make photos and texts look better. Usually, people do it with the help of Instagram apps Accounts maintained in the same style are on the top of interest. And if you follow other people's updates too, insert comments and likes, then people will pay attention to you. Having many subscribers in Instagram is kind of a sign of popularity, especially when they are increasing all the time.

Take high-quality photos

First of all, Instagram is a beautiful place for pictures, for which the eye clings. Photography is a separate area of ​​art, but you'd better delve into it to make your account more appealing. Be sure to use daylight to create photos, avoid shadows, arrange objects at the photo using the rule of thirds. The main subject should stand out.

People do not always read the text under the photo, but for the bright, unusual picture, they will definitely put a like. I advise you to learn more about the basics of photography and subject shooting.

Instagram apps

Discover editing programs like Snapseed and VSCO, which may help you to change lighting, contrast, apply filters. Snapseed allows you to adjust the individual details of the photo. In VSCO, photos are saved in the same gallery as on Instagram. You can see if the picture is combined with the others before publication. You can download these apps on the App Store or Google Play.

Who are you writing for?

You have understood the purpose of the account and must decide for whom you are writing. What are these people interested in and keen on, where do they live, what is their wealth, what would they like to read on your blog.

You write down a list of tags that make a good fit for your target audience and start to control them by the number of posts in the Instagram search. The task is to choose the most popular ones by the number of posts and put them under each photo. According to the rules of Instagram, you can put up to 30 tags at a time.

Determine who you are following Instagram for and set up appropriate tags

It's also useful to create a personal tag that distinguishes you. A program that helps to create tags is called TagsForLikes. Choose a sphere of interest in it, and it gives a list of the most popular tags in English. But these tags will provide an additional amount of likes from English-speaking users.

Tell about yourself

How can the reader understand what information he will receive on your page? Fill out the profile heading and tell about yourself: who you are, where you come from, what your blog is about, hobbies, and interests. The text under the photo should be written in the language of your target audience. For other users, Instagram will translate it into the desired language. So do not bother with the English translation for a minor part of your audience.

Bulk Like Cheat
You may start the promotion with the use of programs for mass setting likes. The essence of these programs is as follows: you set tags by which the program likes all the relevant photos in large quantities. It works the way that a person sees a like, visits your profile, and stays.
The downside of this work is that your account may be suspended temporarily or permanently for violation of company rules. So you should better monitor the number of affixed likes and comments.

What to write about

The texts under the photo are a deeply personal story. Subscribers come to your blog to get to know you, your ideas, thoughts, ideas. Tell them through posts about what you are interested in, tell them about your successes and failures. Lead a dialogue with them, ask questions, and respond to each comment.

Feedback is vital to people. Do not be an arrogant blogger - go through the users who left a comment at your page, put some likes and comments under their photos too.

Create Stories

Stories is a new Instagram feature - it is displayed at the very top of the main page. In stories, you can add photos and videos in real-time, or select them from the gallery for the last day.

With this feature, you can remind your friends about yourself in those days when you are not posting anything or show exciting videos if you are not going to add them to your account. I use Stories at the end of the day. If suddenly the reader missed my posts in his feed, he will be able to find them there.

To add a video to Stories, click on the plus in the upper left corner of the screen. To select a video or photo from the gallery, drag the screen down.

To make your Instagram more popular, pay attention to the following:

the goal, idea of a blog;
beautiful pictures;
interesting texts;
tags, a profile description, familiar posts, stories about yourself;

Start with the goal - decide why you need Instagram. Then work on photos and texts. Success is near!

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When she’s not working, she’s reading (probably 3-4 books at a time), shopping for hours in bookstores and comic book stores, playing video games or volleyball, or spending time with her family, including her two dogs, Mickey and Pete.