It might seem as strange as to why I used the title above as it is not as though anyone would consciously look for a way to become highly stressed. Even so, this doesn’t mean this won’t take place unconsciously.

Without realising it, someone can do just about everything that they can to experience a lot of stress. Consciously, they can make out that they want to experience too much stress but, unconsciously, they will have another need.

Let’s Start Off

One thing that someone can do is to go to bed very late and wake up fairly early, which will prevent them from getting the rest that they need to embrace the next day. They are then going to be tired and their mind won’t be as sharp as it could be.

Being in this state is then likely to make just about everything else harder than it needs to be. And instead of exercising, with this being something that would give them the strength and the energy that they need to live more fully, they might not have the energy to do so.

Plugged in

To make things even worse, they could spend a lot of their time checking up on what is taking place in the world. Not only will they hear about the bad things that are around them they will also hear about the bad things that are taking place on the other side of the planet.

While it is debatable as to whether the mainstream media is there to actually inform, what is not debatable is that being exposed to so much negativity is not going to do them any good. One will be aware of so much chaos and injustice, yet they won’t be able to do a lot about what is taking place.

Two Parts

By being exposed to all this negativity - and let’s face it, most of the ‘news’ provided by this source is negative and designed to control how people perceive the world, but that’s for another article - ones stress levels can go through the roof. Like a drip feed, ones being will constantly be fed stories that will help to keep them in a stressful place.

And to top it off, being aware of so many things that are not going right and being unable to do anything about any of them, or very few of them, is not exactly going to help either. What this information could then do is to cause them to feel depressed and as though they have no control.

It’s Neutral

What will allow one to stay up to date with what is supposedly going on around them is their Smartphone. This device can allow them to find out things and to stay in contact with people, amongst other things.

But while there are numerous benefits to having one of these devices, it is also something that can make ones life harder if they don’t use it in the right way. Being constantly plugged into all the negativity is one thing that can stress them out; another thing is spending an endless amount of time on social media.

A Big Trap

One thing that one could find is that they have the tendency to compare their life with the lives of their ‘friends’. There is then going to be no need for them to leave their house and to be around others, as they will be able to compare themselves with the people that they see on a screen.

Their stress level can then be amped up by thinking that these people look better than they do, are happier and live a more fulfilling live. The irony here is that a number of these people could see one in the same way.


Yet even if they don’t, the life that these people present online might have very little to do with the life that they actually lead. Spending so much time glued to a screen can also mean that they will spend very little time in their body and around real people.

Living in this part of their being is going to make it hard for them to feel calm and to experience inner peace. Spending time in nature and walking barefoot on the earth can pull them back into their body and settle them down, yet this could be the last thing that is on their mind.

Other Things

To top this all off, one might not pay much attention to what they eat and drink. When it comes to what they drink, they may have a lot of coffee that is loaded with caffeine and consume a lot of liquid that is loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

As for the food that they eat, it might lack the essential nutrients that their brain and body needs to function at its best. This will make them even more vulnerable to getting stressed and they can lack the strength to pull themselves out what is harming them.

Final Thoughts

In order for something to change, one will need to take a step back and to see that it is not serving them. If this doesn’t take place and one is not aware of something, it won’t be possible for them to do anything about it.

What this illustrates is how important it is be able to detach and to reflect; without this ability, it will be as if one is trapped in a box that they don’t even know they are in. One thing that they can do to develop this ability is to meditate.

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Teacher, prolific writer, author, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, two hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.