Thinking of outsourcing to tender writing services to help you win more projects? You wouldn’t be alone! Many companies find that using the services of a professional tender writer cuts back on costs by saving the company time and resources and helps give them a fresh perspective to their existing proposals that they may never have considered before. Before we delve into the many benefits of hiring tender writing services, let’s take a look at who a tender writer is.

What are tender writing services?
A tender writer will be involved in preparing the proposal from beginning to end. In addition to helping you find the right tender for your business, they will also be able to assist with doing research, writing, editing and proofreading the proposal before you hit submit. Alternatively, if you’ve already written the proposal and just need a third person to look it over, a tender or bid writer may be the perfect person to do so.

Many bid writers have also served as members of evaluation panels, which gives them insight into both aspects of the tender process. They’ll be able to assess a proposal both from the perspective of the and help you come up with a winning bid.

What can tender writing services do for your business?
- Time and resource-conserving
Tender writing is a time and resource-consuming process that can take weeks, if not months, to complete, depending upon the complexity of the tender. All the time your employees spend preparing the proposal is time they’re spending away from their actual tasks, which will result in a dip in productivity.

- More persuasive answers
Writing a successful proposal is very much an art in itself. You need to write persuasively, yet not come across as pushy or boastful. You need to be able to convince your buyer that you’re the right person for the job and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Not everyone is an expert in the art of tender writing, and that’s completely fine! This is why professional tender writers exist!

- Objective evaluation
Perhaps you’ve already written a proposal but want a third-party professional to give it a look before hitting the submit button. A professional tender writer will objectively evaluate each answer and match it to the question asked and the selection criteria. They may also be better suited to detecting grammatical or punctuation errors which may have slipped past, provided they have been completely detached from the process. Many tender writing services have a team dedicated to proofreading to ensure no mistakes are made.

- Increased chances of success
The people who work for tender writing services are likely to have more experience writing and preparing winning tenders for various companies and industries. You can pick the brains of some of the most talented minds and discover ways to make your proposal more compelling. When winning a tender could help you win work worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, why leave it up to chance? A professional bid writer has made writing winning bids their entire career, and while you may know your business best, the tender writing process should be best left up to the experts.

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