Cutting back on plastic waste can seem overwhelming. From beverage straws to baby bottles, plastic seems to be everywhere. It’s so prevalent that it seems unavoidable. Plastic pervades our daily lives, from the products we buy, to the packaging of those products, to the bags we carry our purchases home in. As a consumer, it might seem like there isn’t much you can do about it. However, with a little planning and research, you can find the right products that can help you dramatically reduce plastic waste in your daily life.

Rethink Drinks

Damage to marine wildlife and environments has dominated the news in the recent past. These stories drew attention to plastic straws, and some restaurants responded by only making these utensils available upon request. The issue also prompted entrepreneurs to create reusable straws, often complete with their own carrying cases.

Water bottles are another source of everyday plastic waste. Many smart consumers now refill reusable, BPA-free bottles with filtered water throughout the day. This alternative provides users with a less expensive way to hydrate while reducing waste.

Bring Your Own Container

Many of us purchased bags for carrying groceries home before the pandemic hit. Most grocery stores stopped allowing customers to bring their own bags at that time, but many have resumed normal practices by now.

Some restaurants use eco-friendly paper or cardboard containers for leftovers. If this isn't an option, ask your favorite eateries if you can bring your own reusable containers for your uneaten food.

Use Recycled Products

Many companies are incorporating recycled ingredients in their products. One such business is This company collects plastic waste dumped in the ocean and uses it to create plastic yarn for textiles for the production of clothing and other essential items. In addition to cutting waste, this innovative yarn contributes to the performance and durability of bags, apparel, shoes, and more products. This company also produces fabrics for upholstery, bedding, sound-dampening dividers, and window coverings. When you can, buy products from companies like these to support worldwide recycling efforts.

Re-Use When Possible

Plastic sandwich bag alternatives offer convenient and even stylish ways to brown-bag it. From wax paper bags to wraps made from beeswax and cotton, there are plenty of ways to haul your lunch to work or school without contributing to plastic waste.

Products that avoid packaging altogether are also great for those seeking more environmentally friendly options. Some health food stores and other retailers offering natural products sell soap you can cut into a custom-sized bar. You'll reduce waste and save money by buying only what you need.

Reducing your plastic consumption can be easy. In fact, once you start this earth-friendly habit, you'll probably become addicted! From using products that incorporate plastic yarn for textiles to wrapping your lunchtime sandwich in a cute cloth wrap, we bet you'll find yourself looking for new ways to cut plastic waste from your life for good.

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