What Causes A Person To Have Anxiety: What Causes Anxiety Disorders To Develop - What Causes Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety disorder is a condition that results in the sufferer building up anxiety and becoming shy, scared of crowds and public speaking, and in some extreme cases, paranoid.

Anxiety disorder comes with a host of symptoms. They can all appear at a time or they can appear isolated. These symptoms include avoidance, confusion, and feelings of dread, insecurity and nervousness.

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When a person's anxiety reaches its breaking point, the person may experience what is known as an anxiety attack or a panic attack. These attacks are a result of anxiety and usually manifest themselves by intense pain and feelings of claustrophobia. While anxiety attacks are a result of anxiety disorder, most people suffering from them worry about them some much that it aggravates their condition.

Anxiety attacks usually present with racing heart, chest tightness, dizzy spells, hot flashes and obsessive worries.

If you believe that you suffer from anxiety disorder than you probably want to learn how to control it. This can be very difficult to achieve, but it is possible. There are many natural methods you can use to treat this condition most of which can be found online for free. You should give these a try as medication for anxiety disorder is really strong and can have some nasty side effects. If none of these alternative treatments work, you should contact an expert. A doctor can prescribe the aforementioned anti anxiety pills, and a psychologist can help you understand to condition and cope with it. Therapy has shown great results in young children suffering from anxiety attacks.

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Anxiety is a very common part of our ordinary life and each and every one of us has experienced anxiety at some point or another, the only difference would be the degree of anxiety which we feel. The minority of us experience anxiety in its more severe form, while others simply experience the milder version of anxiety, which is accompanied by worry, stress or fear.

Anxiety attacks, in its most basic form, are simply a period of complete apprehension and stress. While most anxiety attacks only last for 5-15 minutes, some go on until half an hour. During that time, the patient who is suffering from anxiety will feel a loss of control of his/ her body and when scary thoughts will run through the person's mind. It is often a period so agonizing that many people mistake an anxiety attack for a heart attack. While there are triggers to an anxiety attack, you should always be on the lookout for these triggers to ensure that you are able to exert a level of control over your body or have an escape route ready in order to quickly exit your panic attack.

There are both physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety. The physical symptoms of anxiety includes cold sweat, feeling a rapid pounding in your heart, dizziness, short of breath, hallucinations, headaches, insomnia or other irregular expressions.

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Of course, the physical symptoms of anxiety are always accompanied by emotional symptoms. They can affect you emotionally by means of causing extreme fear, apprehension and hopelessness. In more extreme cases, they could result in an "out of body" experience. Additionally, these symptoms normally occur in waves. Ie, they do not happen all at once. You may feel your emotional symptoms becoming worst with each additional wave.

If you want to be able to manage and control your physical symptoms of anxiety attacks, you will have to understand a few things.

1. What is anxiety all about.

2. Why anxiety happens. (What triggers it)

3. How to control and get rid of anxiety.

While the first two points can easily be read up on the internet and through self reflection, the third point would require a lot more effort, and perhaps professional advice in order to first control your anxiety attacks successfully, and then discover how to control it.

The next time when you feel an oncoming attack happening to you, when you feel signs of your legs shaking, cold sweating, muscle tensing, immediately book an appointment with a qualified psychologist who will be able to advise you on what you should do and recommend any medicine if it suits you.

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Natural cures for anxiety are always considered to be safer and often thought to be better than prescribed medicine. First and foremost, natural cures for anxiety are almost always free, and can work for lengthened periods of time. Additionally, most natural cures also trains the body's own defence system, which may lead to long term recovery as compared to simply temporary relief.

Another obvious benefit would be the fact that there would be hardly any side effects as compared to pills or supplements which are basically placing chemicals in your body. Additionally, it is extremely rare for someone to get hooked onto a natural cure.

Choosing and constantly practicing a natural remedy for anxiety is not as hard as most people think. Here are some of the more common natural remedies which may help control your anxiety problem. You can also try toying with the idea of practising multiple remedies for anxiety.

1. Get sufficient sleep: This may sound obvious but regular sleep will definitely help you feel energetic, fresh and relaxed all through the day and lets you cope with whatever life throws your way. It is recommended that you get 6-8 hours of sleep each day if you can.

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2. Fish Oil: Fish oil, available in tablets form, has many benefits, such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to be great for your health, in more ways than one. It is also coincidentally proven to be a natural cure for anxiety. Pick up some at your local pharmacy.

3. Eat Regularly: Get at least 3 meals a day filled with all the nutrients you need to get through the way. Always eat foods in moderation and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat too much or too little as this will destabilize the body. Additionally avoid taking extremely sweet food or beverages which could possibly give you a sugar rush.

4. Deep Breathing: Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing will definitely help in keeping yourself calm. Take a few deep breaths when you feel the slightest twinge of an anxiety attack coming your way and remain calm. You should practice deep breathing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before you sleep.

Natural cures for anxiety are cures which will take constant application for you to see any effect. Stay positive and keep applying the techniques above, and you will definitely appreciate its effects.

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Millions of people in the world are suffering from anxiety on daily basis. It will affect our daily life and make us stay away from meeting new people. They are fear of being judged and scrutinized while in public and this phobia will make the person tend to keep themselves away from social situations.

Learn how to cure social anxiety disorder with these 2 methods below:

Method 1- Attend Training

Attend training, which related to public speaking, presentation skill. Pick up all the skill and acknowledge on how to better do a presentation with confidence. Observe how the trainer conduct the training, the preparation, the materials, the notes, the appearance and the tone of the trainer which is useful for you when you are preparing for your future presentation.

Be well prepared so that you will not feel over stress and nervous and able perform with your best ability.

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Method 2- Meditation

Meditation has the functionality help to reduce the feeling of anxious and depression. It makes our mind to be focus so that we able to concentrate on thing that we are doing. It helps diverting our mind from the problems that make us feel anxious and tense.

Find a quiet place to sit down and do it to relax your mind whenever you overloaded with problems and stress.

Try out these two methods in order to cure your social anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, train yourself getting out and meeting people, you can start it from a small group of people. Be confidence.

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