Every person will experience back pain at one point in their life. The severity and duration of back pain vary in different people. The pain in the back can be mild, moderate, or severe. The character of the back pain also changes. Some people may have dull or sharp pain, and the pain may be constant for a long duration or intermittent. There are different classes of back pain in Wilmington like axial back pain due to muscle strains in the back.

Another class of back pain is known as referred pain, which is usually dull and originates from other body parts like posterior thighs, thighs, the kidneys, or the heart. Radicular pain is a type of back pain that is deep and is caused by nerve damage.

Radicular back pain occurs with other symptoms like tingling and weakness of the limbs. The doctor will examine you to determine the exact cause of the pain and offer you treatment.

How Can You Prevent Back Pain?

Maintaining your general health is one way to avoid back pain. You can look after your public health by eating a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water. Avoid lifting heavy weights with your back because it can cause you back pain. It would be best if you slept on a firm mattress that supports your whole body weight and ensures that your spine is straight when you are sleeping. Sleeping on your side improves blood supply to your body.

Do regular exercise like walking and swimming to prevent back pain. Ensure that when you are sitting, lying, or standing, you are maintaining a comfortable position that does not stretch your back. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming a lot of caffeine because these put you at risk of back pain. Avoid making urgent, awkward movements with your back and being inconsistent with your return.

Causes of Back Pain

You can develop back pain after trauma to your back or after a blunt injury to your back. Sitting or lying in a position with bad posture that strains your back will also give you back pain. Bending over to lift things instead of bending at your knees can also cause you to have back pain. Sciatica is a condition that causes compression of your spinal nerves that causes you to develop pain in your back, which can also radiate to your legs.

You can also develop back pain due to inflammation of the bones of your back due to arthritis. Old age is another cause of back pain because your risk of herniated disk and osteoporosis increases as you age. The pain in your back may also be originating from other body parts like the pelvis, pancreas, or kidneys. Fractures or tumors of the spinal vertebra can also cause back pain.

Some people are at a higher risk of back pain such as people who are obese, pregnant women, and people who live sedentary lifestyles with minimal physical activity. Having a job that requires you to strain your back also causes back pain.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are factors that also increase your risk of suffering from back pain.

Back pain is a common symptom in many people due to a weak back posture or diseases like arthritis of the spinal vertebra. You can prevent back pain by avoiding straining your back, exercising, and sleeping on a firm mattress that supports your entire body weight. You should consult a doctor when you have severe back pain or back pain that occurs after trauma to the back. Treatment of back pain depends on the cause of the pain. 

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