Those pesky white flakes that dot your head and fall to the shoulders when disturbed can cause embarrassment and be very annoying. Dandruff is a common problem linked to the skin of your scalp as opposed to your hair strands. Thankfully, it is not a serious health condition and there are home remedies for dandruff. Let’s take a closer look at what causes dandruff.

What Causes Dandruff?
Please note that having dandruff does not imply you have dirty hair or poor hygiene. It is simply the dead skin cells of your scalp as the result of dry or oily scalp, a bacterial or fungal infection, or an existing skin condition. Many of us have a fungus called malassezia living on our scalp with no symptoms such as flaking of the skin. This fungus may cause a reaction in some people and result in dandruff. There are other factors that contribute to dandruff causes.

1. Yeast
Those with yeast sensitivities have a higher risk of experiencing dandruff on a regular basis. As it seems to be less frequent in the summer, it is believed the ultraviolet light of the sun combats the yeast. Skin conditions that become worse in the winter months can be contributed to exposure to heat and cold temperatures from the inside and outside environments. This can also be linked to possible dry skin.

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