Conflict and arguments between couples is natural, and can even strengthen an already healthy relationship. When you are dealing with a highly insecure spouse however simple problems can turn into big fights and even escalate toward Domestic Abuse. If you find that even when you are calmly stating your complaint or request your spouse is disrespectful or condescending the reason could be more than just emotional immaturity. Domestic Abuse occurs when a partner perceives he is being asked to provide more than he is able to give. This kind of ego threat is a common trait of abusive people. When the arguments become circular, loud, explosive they can easily turn violent because your insecure and threatened partner knows no other way out of his painful state of mind but to end it with intimidation.

One of the main causes of symptoms that lead to Domestic Abuse--lying, cheating, yelling, hitting--is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD is a serious mental and emotional condition. With a deeply ingrained set of learned behaviors, a highly insecure person or abusive husband uses abusive tactics as tools to deal with his stress or low self-esteem.

Friends and family of Narcissists or emotionally abusive people often feel insecure themselves as they wonder if they are doing "something wrong" or could be doing something differently to avoid the Narcissist’s abuse or prevent future Domestic Abuse.

There are techniques and skills to learn how to not only recognize the difference between an abuser’s behavior and your reaction, but also how to diffuse or even intercept their triggers to avoid a dispute that may turn into Domestic Abuse.

How can you prevent arguments from escalating to Domestic Abuse? The first step is to realize that when your spouse or family member is acting out they are really only crying to be heard. the first step is to not think that you threatening to leave will change their behavior as this will most likely only may it worse. Although it is natural to fight back in order to protect yourself, reflecting their complaints in calm and understanding tones is often an effective and disarming strategy.
You need to put a solid support plan together and this is where Kim and Steve can help.

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At Narcissism Cured we help you to deal with the person who is suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the friends and family members do not have to suffer forever. There are techniques and activities through which a person suffering from NPD can be cured of this disorder. Visit our website for more information regarding Domestic Abuse