Feelings of low self-esteem can come from a lot of different sources, many of which are beyond a person's control. For people who can resolve these feelings, the change can provide tremendous improvement in quality of life and happiness. But first, it's important to know where these feeling originate.

Job loss, unemployment, or career stagnation
Few things can change how you feel about yourself like losing your job or being unable to find a new one. These experiences can make you question your self-worth and ability to succeed in life. The best ways to combat this are by staying busy, behaving proactively (seeking work), and engaging in volunteer activities until something paid comes along.

Lack of academic success or low education
Not everyone thrives in the classroom, and thanks to a society that equates education with intelligence, not performing well in school or failing to get an education can cause lower self-esteem. For those still in school, getting help through tutoring can improve the situation. For others, going back to school and trying again may give you a lift.

Negative people in your life
Everyone knows someone who is hyper-critical or manipulative. We also know that they can bring us down like nothing else, but still, we allow them in our lives to impact how we feel about ourselves. The only ways around this are through confronting them and/or limiting contact with them.

Insecurity about your looks
What we see in the mirror affects how we think of ourselves, often to our detriment. Pop psychology focuses on changing perceptions of attractiveness, but that doesn't always work when you already have damaged self-esteem. For a more pragmatic solution to your dissatisfaction, consider wearing make-up and/or adopting a skincare regimen. You can use 20% off Sephora coupons for high-quality beauty products to save money.

Debt and other financial problems
These are serious buzz-words today, which can make you feel bad about yourself if you have student loans or credit card debt, not to mention just run-of-the-mill financial issues. The key is to find a strategy to deal with the underlying problems, including a personal budget or payment plan, and then concentrate on not letting money make you feel bad.

Depression and anxiety issues
If you feel like you have no value or worth, it's important to be sure these feelings aren't linked to depression or anxiety, both of which can make you feel terrible. These conditions often have a biological cause, unrelated to your life choices or objective reality. Consider counseling if you think this may be the case. Working with professionals can greatly help for things like this.

Self-esteem can be fragile, brought down by many things that others would consider small. Only you know what's bringing your self-image down. With the information above, hopefully you'll be able to think more positive about yourself soon.

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