What Causes Premature Ejaculation: Remedy For Premature Ejaculation - Solving Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues 1 in 3 men. That leaves many wondering what causes premature ejaculation? This article aims to expose the three most important factors that could be causing you to experience this problem.

Many doctors and scientists now believe that there are certain chemicals in the brain that can cause premature ejaculation. A depletion of serotonin or dopamine in the brain can cause many changes to the male sex drive. Dopamine especially is influential for maintaining testosterone levels. When these levels are too low many may experience loss of confidence, manhood and sexual desire.

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Over ejaculation can be another contributing factor. This is most commonly caused by frequent masturbation. Too much masturbation can cause the prostate to develop excessive testosterone and can cause almost intuitive ejaculation reflex.

Lastly, prostate and penile functions play a major roll in determining what causes premature ejaculation. Over-secretion of pre-cum can stimulate the opening of the ejaculation duct/valve and cause you to cum to soon. Also, an abrasion of the prostate ejaculation duct results in instant ejaculation urgency upon erection and immediate ejaculation upon stimulation from vision, hearing, touching or vaginal penetration.

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It is important to know that success in the bedroom is attainable! All we need to do is to change our mindset and understand that sex is about two people enjoying themselves. A selfish lover will end up feeling unfulfilled by the experience in spite of having achieved his orgasm. The following four tips will help you understand why things are not working out in the bedroom and why you feel you are failing

Making sex a hurried affair.
You should remember that a woman takes time to get excited and there has to be a gradual build up of feelings. Very often men fail to realize that the act itself does not cause a woman to have an orgasm; her clitoris has to be stimulated, either by hand or by the use of the tongue. Once a woman feels that her partner is interested in making her feel good, she will enjoy sex and participate more, this will lead to satisfaction for the man and the woman.

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Personal hygiene
A man must take care of his body and make sure that on entering the bedroom he is clean. Nothing turns a woman off more that bad personal hygiene. It can repulse your partner and she would rather not have sex at all. A man might think that he is failing in bed; however, communication between the couple can solve this problem easily.

General Health and Well Being
Being fit is the key and it helps in solving problems related to our sexuality. Very often even though the intention is there a man cannot conjure up the strength to perform. He must exercise regularly and build up stamina .Having an Annual Health Check will give him a clearer idea of his physical condition

It is fun to sometimes concentrate on masturbating together and sharing mutual fantasies. It is important to remember sex is a two way street and partners must allow themselves to have fun and laugh a bit! Talking about your fantasies releases tension and also allows you and your partner to understand the desires that we have tucked away in our minds!

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Sex Tip #1. 'Warm Her Up' Before You Get To The Bedroom

The vast majority of men just don't get this simple fact:

For women -- the love-making begins a long time before you get to the bedroom.

This is because women want their men to engage them in good conversation and stimulate their minds before they have sex. This conversation makes women sexually attracted to their men. That's why 'date' nights usually end up in GREAT SEX, provided the conversation was great over dinner or wherever the date took place. Remember this: for women, the conversation with her man is basically FOREPLAY.

Are you with me?

Sex Tip #2. Be Sexually Dominant

Women tend to be submissive in the bedroom and this means they want a SEXUALLY DOMINANT man. Don't worry -- it doesn't need to be in a leather mask, whips and chains way.

No, no, no... You can be sexually dominant simply by TAKING CONTROL and leading your woman in the bedroom.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Sex Tip #3. Be Experimental In Bed

In order to fully sexually satisfy your woman you cannot do the same things over and over again because even great things lose their appeal if overused. Therefore, if you want to give your woman much better sex -- you must try NEW things. Positions, locations, sex techniques -- you get the idea. Let your sexual creativity run wild.

Sex Tip #4. Open Your Mouth And Say Something Already!

Most guys won't TALK DIRTY in bed. BIG MISTAKE. Women love dirty talk. In fact -- they need it in order to have GREAT SEX.

So if you want to be 'the best she's ever had', you simply have to start talking dirty in the bedroom.

Sex Tip #5. Make Vaginal Orgasms Her Reality

Consider this fact:

- Less than 20% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm

Most women have only had clitoral orgasms but every woman is capable of having vaginal orgasms (which are more powerful than their more common cousins -- clitoral orgasms).

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Firstly, let's dispel a rumor. Women are just as sexually frustrated and want sex just as badly as men. Any woman who tells you differently is lying. However, the sexual proclivities of each gender vary greatly. For example, women place a much higher value on sexual experience. That's probably because statistically, women climax a lot less than men. Unfortunately, this inability to please women is remarkably prevalent in today's society, chiefly because men are unaware of what it takes to truly satisfy a woman.

One other thing to take into consideration is that all women are different during sex. Some may climax upon the first stimulation of the clitoris; others will come only on rare occasions. Learning what type of woman you're dating is one of the first steps you have to take as your bedroom strategy will grow and evolve from that knowledge. That, combined with the tips I have outlined below, should enable you to give any woman in the world the climax she craves. Read on...

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Tip 1. Give it everything you've got. We all know that physical stimulation is more than enough for men, but somehow it just doesn't cut it with women. Women the world over are united on this point. Although physical stimulation is great, finding someone who can pleasure them physically and emotionally is a very, very rare thing. However you can be one of the few men in the world who knows how to do this and it really isn't all that difficult. Most men simply lack the patience to attend to the emotional side and just want to get themselves off.

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To emotionally stimulate a woman, you need to make sure that the mood is conducive to the atmosphere you're trying to convey. For example, a hot and heavy pure lust session, calls for a lot of groping and biting and making her feel your urgency and need for her on an emotional level. Something more intimate and romantic calls for her to be relaxed beforehand, either through massage or music.

There is little to no chance of a woman climaxing if she is emotionally insecure around you, so gauge the atmosphere of the situation and react accordingly.

Tip 2. Familiarize yourself with your partner's erogenous zones. Once you know them, make sure you vary which ones you stimulate each time you have sex. Going for the obvious ones (i.e. the clitoris) over and over can become tiresome for both of you, so make sure you keep things fresh by stimulating different areas. Her g-spot is of special importance as making a woman climax is much, much easier with it, provided you know where it is.

Tip 3. Find out what she wants. The most important thing in a relationship is communication. Communication in the bedroom is just as vital and a lot more fun. Find out what she likes, what turns her on, and tell her what gets you going. Then take turns acting out each other's sexual fantasies. Keeping things interesting in the bedroom by playing with toys or using costumes is one of the best ways to get her excited and the more tension you can raise during sex, the faster she will climax and the more satisfied the both of you will be.

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