You probably haven't heard of prostate calcification in your life, but it is actually a very common prostate complication in men, and most of it occurs in middle-aged men between the ages of 40 and 60.

For the calcification in prostate gland, there is actually calcification salt precipitation in local tissues. Although it is normal physiological process in some respects, there are also some pathological conditions in the medicine field.

Prostate calcification can be detected by screening for prostate problems or urinary problems. So what causes prostate calcification?

1. Prostatitis.

There are many causes of prostate calcification, one of which is prostatitis, a common urogenital disease in males. When having prostatitis, it will easily cause calcium salt precipitation in the body, gradually forming calcification.

2. Urine reflux.

Urine reflux is also an important cause of prostate calcification, so you should pay more attention to this aspect in your life. In the current medical views, the cause of prostate calcification is not very clear, but it can be certain that it may be related to some of the body's psychological factors or prostate related diseases.

When prostate calcification occurs, there are no obvious symptoms or conditions in the body, and it can only be detected by examining the prostate or urinary problems. So male friends should go to the hospital regularly for physical examination, so as to prevent some diseases. And when the disease appears, they can also get ready to be treated as soon as possible.

Although most patients with prostate calcification do not require specific treatment, some people may develop abnormalities in prostate calcification that do need to be treated.

The main treatment methods is using antibiotics, which is the most basic way of treating prostate calcification. But the effect of these drug is relatively slow, which is actually a more conservative method. Besides, there is glandular injection therapy for patients, which is a supplement to antibiotic therapy.

If you are diagnosed with prostatitis and do nothing to improve it, you will be at high risk of getting prostate calcification. Prostatitis is a disease that needs to be treated as soon as possible, or it will turn into chronic prostatitis, which is more intractable. In general, patients can try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis, which is safe and can effectively improve male prostate health.

What's more, to better stay away from prostate calcification as well as prostatitis, male friends should pay more attention to their living habits and behaviors.

Go to bed early and get up early, try not to stay up late, do more physical exercise and drink more water, all of which are necessary. In addition, the combination of work and rest is encouraged. Developing regularity in every aspect of life and doing things by suitable rules are conducive to human health.

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