Many people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) for pain relief, whether it’s acute pain caused by an injury, or chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. While you can find a lot of claims about the benefits of CBD for any number of issues, there isn’t much research to confirm how it affects our bodies and biological systems.

However, when it comes to how CBD affects our feelings of pain, there have been studies that demonstrate how it can be beneficial. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies that regulates feelings like pain, and it is also an anti-inflammatory.

If you’re interested in trying CBD for pain relief, you should know that not all products are created equal. Here are the three best types of CBD products you can take to treat different kinds of pain:

CBD Oil Drops
CBD oil is the most common product, mainly for how effective it is. One benefit of CBD oil is that you can purchase bottles with varying doses to control your intake. You can take lower doses for acute pain, but people with severe chronic pain can take premium 1000mg CBD oil.

When you use a dropper and put it under your tongue, the oil is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This way, you feel the effects it offers within 20 minutes, and the effects will last for a few hours. This can be very helpful for people with chronic pain issues that have a sudden flare-up.

Transdermal Patches
Transdermal patches are similar to Icy Hot patches that you apply to your skin, only these types contain CBD, which is absorbed directly into your skin cells in the patched area. It is slower and less potent than taking CBD oil, but it does offer better pain relief for a specific area.

The other benefit is that they last for a longer duration than CBD oil. It is also very discreet, so you can apply it to an area and go about your day without carrying a bottle of oil around with you

Vape Oil
Vaping has been around for a while, but mostly for marijuana or nicotine-based “e-juice”. However, you can also use CBD with vapes. Vaping CBD will have the effects kick in within 15-20 minutes for quick pain relief. Vaping can also be a calming, relaxing activity without the same negative affect for smoking.

The only downside is that the effects from vaping CBD won’t last as long, usually only about an hour. You can keep vaping every so often to keep up the pain relief effect, but that is not always convenient or possible depending on what you are doing.

There are other types of CBD products, but they don’t tend to be as useful for people suffering from pain. You can take edibles, but the dosage can either be inconsistent or you’ll have to eat a lot. You can try creams or lotions, but they’re not as efficient nor they don’t last as long as patches. In the end, it’s always a good idea to try different variations to see what method relieves pain the best for you.

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Lora Y.