We often cross paths with someone who completely overwhelms us. They make us feel like we have been wandering around in this world just for them. These connections feel like the most profound, the best thing you have experienced in your entire life as no one gets you so easily like your twin flame. Our twin flame or soulmate makes us feel at home wherever they are, and their aura provides us a sense of belonging and protection. When you are with them, you feel like your true self and don't feel the need to hide or mask your many flaws. A true soulmate always makes you feel comfortable in your skin, and you think pretending to be someone you are not is just pointless and that they will see right through your act.

A soul mate provides you with a sense of comfort and helps you bring out the best version of yourself. Many people who have met the twin flames say that they have helped them become better people. It is impossible to refuse the benefits a soulmate brings to your life. They truly flourish your life and enhance your talents like no other. They provide you with a perfect sense of self-confidence and do wonders to your self-esteem. With your soulmate, you tend to feel like you can achieve anything and surpass any mountain that comes your way. Let's get in-depth and introduce you to what twin flame means and how you can spot your soulmate in this world of a couple of billion people.
What makes a twin-flame different from a soulmate?
The author of a famous book about love and connections, Cassady Cayne, beautifully describes the terms soulmate and twin flame. With the help of her novel, she has helped millions of readers and encouraged them to go and find their twin-flame connections.

Cassady says that a soulmate is someone who makes you feel fulfilled and content with your life. You feel like they complete you. The joy you feel around them feels priceless. A soulmate can be a romantic partner or even a friend. There are no bounds to who can be your soulmate; it just depends upon how you two click with each other and make them the better version of themselves. Soulmates are extremely beautiful relationships, and many people have claimed that their best friend is their soulmate; some say their relative is their soulmate. It's a wonderful connection you can have with anyone. However, if you have a soulmate but your twin flame is still missing, then you might have this unsettling feeling that a piece of your puzzle remains unsolved. It's the heart's call for your twin flame so that you two may reunite.

A twin flame, however, is a whole different level of intimacy. It's an extremely profound relationship, and many few can feel this in their whole lifetime. Many people have not found their twin flame, and this is the sole reason why Cassady Cayne, in her book Twin Flames 11:11, has tried her best to guide everyone on how they can too experience this otherworldly feeling. Cassady says that spiritually describing the term twin flames would mean the other half of your soul. A twin flame is someone who brings out the best in your and makes you glow like no other can. You can feel gloomy, like the world is ending if they ever leave you. Your twin flame is like the part of you that makes you truly shine. When you meet your twin flame, you might feel overwhelmed with joy and get this weird feeling that you have known them previously in your life. In the book, the author explains that if the twin flames can deal with their past traumas correctly and figure out their path, they can have a relationship like no other.

She mentions both soulmates and twin flames in her writing, saying, "Both soulmates and twin flames share a wonderful connection, both coming into our lives to challenge us, teach us, and help us grow as people. It's important to remember that one isn't better than the other - both are amazing connections that serve a unique purpose".
Ways you can grow after meeting your twin flame?
Growth comes hand in hand once you meet your twin flame. They are here to make you our best version and bring about changes in your personality that even you didn't see coming. Soulmates and twin flames always have great control over what type of person we become. Here are the changes and the growth you will notice once you find the one.

You feel Independent after meeting your twin flame

After you are united with your twin flame, you won't feel the need to be with them 24 hours a day. This happens in the phase of infatuation, where you can't seem to get the person out of your mind. However, the relationship you will have with your twin flame will be the purest form of love, and you will feel content with yourself. Even when they are away from you, your heart will be at ease, and you won't be obsessing over them like a schoolgirl crush.

Meeting a twin-flame accelerates your growth

Meeting your twin flame is like facing a mirror. Once you meet your mirror soul, you begin healing yourself and addressing your past wounds. You start working towards achieving mental stability and restoring momentum in your life that was destroyed by the unfortunate events that occurred previously in your life. Twin flames make you. Cassady admits that her twin flame made her spiral into a spiritual journey she never thought she would be on. She explains how meeting a soul she shared such a profound bond with gave her the strength to fight her demons.

Twinflame connection makes you introspective

Most people have met their twin flames and have claimed that the experience is so otherworldly that this inspires them to change their outlook on life. When you have such a close and valuable bond with your mirror soul, you change your perspective of life and start to find ways to improve yourself. They inspire you and make you a better human for the world. People often question how they can make this world a better place after meeting their twin flame. It is such a whole experience that it alters your thinking and makes you more introspective. You care less about the world and more about the wellbeing of your twin flame. Finding your twin flame is a journey of the soul in which you learn many things, especially about yourself. You grow keen on making yourself a better person.

Meeting your twin flame is the start of the most profound and meaningful journey you will ever experience. It's something that very few people seek and find in their lifetime.
In her famous book Twin Flames 11:11, Cassady Cayne talks about how meeting a twin flame is different from finding a soulmate and how it can affect your life. She talks in detail about the changes and how they make you a better version of yourself. Along with all the wisdom, she also shares advice on how to embark on finding your twin flame and taking your soul on a journey to get to know and improve itself. According to Cassady, meeting your twin flame purifies your soul and adds depth to your personality.

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