One of the most frequent and important doubts that comes to all the people who contact us in order to start for the first time in this exciting world of Paintball, is about how they should equip themselves correctly to play a game of Paintball , that is to say , how they should come dressed to play Paintball.

We always try to gladly offer advice on what are the best paintball clothes at the time of dressing and so that they feel comfortable depending on the time of the year we are in, since obviously it is not the same to go play paintball in summer or do it in winter.

Suitable clothes to play paintball

In order to explain the clothes we recommend that customers bring, it is also important to explain the equipment we offer. When you come to play we offer you a series of garments with which you can equip and protect yourself so that when you receive any impact from the paintballs, you suffer the least possible damage.

Under this monkey you must logically wear your clothes, which depending on the time of the year in which we find ourselves will be of one type or another. If you have decided to come and play with us in spring-summer, where the temperatures are higher, it is recommended that you bring comfortable and light clothes such as shorts, tights, or a thin sweatshirt for the bottom and a short T-shirt for above. Keep in mind that Paintball is an activity in which you are going to be in continuous movement that will make you succumb enough.

In the hottest days we even recommend that you come in a swimsuit, and that this is the clothes you wear under the overalls. This way at the end of the game you can take a cold shower under the outdoor showers that we have, that we assure you that they will give you a lifetime.

If your idea is to come to play in times where the temperature is not as high as autumn or winter, there is no problem in that you put thicker clothes under the overalls like a sweatshirt or a fatter tracksuit to feel more protected, because although you move a lot and you will never be as much as in summer, where the body temperature rises a lot.

In any of the cases, come and play in the season of the year, we will always recommend that you bring spare clothes, at least one shirt to change clothes and not stay cold, especially if your idea to complete the activity is to enjoy a good barbecue in our facilities.

Footwear for paintball

Another important issue related to the clothing you must bring to play Paintball is footwear. Our recommendation is to be a comfortable and light footwear, such as a sneaker or boot.

If the terrain is wet from the rains of previous days, it would not hurt to be a waterproof footwear. For the most pro of Paintball it is important to consider using dark colored shoes. Often, the feet are the first part that becomes visible, so a bright white tennis can reveal your position with ease.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.