Do you have to like or love someone to be considerate, kind and courteous? The answer to that question is simply- No.
You can be respectful without agreeing with, or even liking another person. One reason this is such a vital life skill for our children, is for the rest of their lives they will need to interact with, work with and deal with people they may feel are unpleasant.
At a young age we begin to establish our own boundaries. These boundaries we have established may not be the same as the boundaries of other. We may find the behavior of others unacceptable or unpleasant, but we need to realize we all have free will to make choices regarding what we feel is right or wrong.  We are all have choices to make every day.
Everyone Has Something To Share
How do you work productively in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power? You use boundaries and act in an assertive (not aggressive or passive) way, which gives each person the right to their own thoughts and feelings.
A Common Element in Successful People

Several years ago there was a study done of 100 self-made millionaires. These millionaires ranged in age from 19 years of age to well over 70 years old. This diverse group of individuals had educational experience extending from grade school level to Ph.D. They differed in almost all characteristics, except for one thing -they were all respectful of other people.
These millionaires determined early in their careers that everyone had something to teach and share. They built respectful relationships by learning from others, and having others learn from them.
Look for the Humanity in Others
We often treat others like we see them. If we see them as arrogant, snooty or even shy, we tend to treat them in that manner. If we acknowledge others as more fragile we tend to be less harsh, more kind and more forgiving.

Here are some questions for you to ponder:
1.      Do you believe that all people deserve respect, no matter who or what they are?
2.      Do you treat people who are different from yourself in a less than friendly way?
3.      Are you intimidated by those who have more education, wealth or experience than you?
4.      Are you afraid of those who look different than you? For example; in their clothing, race or body piercing?
5.      Do you agree that most people just want to be acknowledged as a human being trying to get through the day?