Photography is an art of capturing minute details that an ordinary eye cannot see, with a creative eye; that makes it a photographer’s master piece. Photographs makes thing immortal for people to cherish for years to come. Wedding is a life time event for the bride-groom, their families and friends, which everyone will remember for all the fun and joyful moments they all enjoyed. Wedding is not just an event for the bride and groom; it is one of the precious movement for both that will be cherished by them for years in the form of photographs and digital media.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a difficult task as one would never want to miss a single joyful moment and also don’t want to see the end products ugly and not pleasing. While choosing from a professional photographer or an enthusiastic friend, I’ll go for a professional photographer; just for the reason is being professional and experienced and also because the person has a better understanding about the kind of photographs that are taken during wedding. Well that does not means an enthusiastic friends is a bad option, it’s just simply because a friend while enjoying can miss out some important moments, which should have been a part of the wedding photography.

By choosing a professional photographer, I’ll be confident enough about nothing goes missing even if I may not be a part of that event but by seeing the photograph I can be a part of all event. A friend may not think of what photograph to take what a professional photographers can like Photograph rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus etc. By choosing a professional also includes the post production including the editing or retouching photographs, amending lighting/colors to make them perfect and putting together an album. They will also be experienced in posing couples to capture them at their best. Well, also be able to handle lighting and use the correct equipment at the right time as well as having time and experience to correct bug during shooting of photographs. The wedding photography is not only about the wedding party, but it is also about the candid pictures that can really capture the feel, emotion and atmosphere at the wedding party.

Last but not the least, if you are not confident about your photographers, that will make you look ugly and unpleased throughout the wedding and the same would be reflected in your photographs that you may regret in the end. So, wisely choose a professional photographer over a friend, by not hurting your friends as well as making your big day a memorable one!

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