Have pets at home? Yes! Then you are well aware that other than dirtying your carpets with dirt, stains and odour, they also leak over them from time to time.


As adorable as it may seem watching their cute yet loony behaviour, removing their urine from your presumably expensive carpets is nothing to smile about. If anything, it stands as one of the toughest stains to remove from your carpets. And if that was not problematic enough, there lie lots of potential long-term dangers to pet urine in carpets, if they are left unattended. Here’s discussing some of those possible risks.


  • Cat/Dog Urine Consists Of High Concentrations Of Ammonia:-


Cats and dog urine is filled with a high concentration of ammonia smell. And when it exists deep into your carpet fabrics, it irritates the nose, throat and lungs. Furthermore; when your favourite pet urinates on your carpet surface, the reduced ventilation (say as your living room), can lead to pneumonia, suffocation and even asthmatic complications.


  • Olfactory Adaptation, Fatigue & Feeling Of Lightheartedness:-


Inhalation of ammonia can also inflict fatigue, shortness of breath, irritation in the lungs and cough phlegm. Olfactory adaptation and unexplained fatigue are common occurrences.


If you find that your carpet is stinking and causing your family members breathing difficulty, then it is a clear sign that you need to remove the existing pet urine stain with its smell, ASAP! The more you leave it unattended, the more long-term health complications it will bring about.


  • And Issues Of Skin Irritation & Possible Eye Damage:-


Some studies also state that even low concentration of ammonia can cause rapid eye and skin irritations. And since it is already known that pet urine consists of high ammonia concentration, prolonged exposure to it can lead to permanent eye damage- even blindness. Add to the fact that if your skin is exposed to it for a sustained period, it may also result in skin burns.


The worse thing about such issues is that young children are more susceptible to such risks, mainly due to their lower body weight in comparison to adults.


Go For Professional Pet Urine Treatment:-


At first, it may not seem serious when your pets leak on your carpet. But if you want to preserve the well-being of your family and your carpets, then go for professional carpet pet urine removal in Melbourne to treat it.


These experts will make use of proper and industry-recommended pro-enzymatic cleaning solutions to break down the dried urine stains and remove it completely along with its obnoxious smell. The impressive thing about their cleaners is that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that may hamper your carpet or the health of your pets and family. Their solutions will always be pet-friendly and safe to use on your home carpets.


If the stain is too stubborn, then these carpet cleaning services will also perform steam cleaning to eliminate stains and odour from the carpet surface.


So, hire quality carpet cleaners serving in Melbourne to take care of our urine-filled and stinky carpets. They are your best bet to getting your carpet cleaning properly, reasonable and without any hassle!

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The author specialises in providing top-shelf carpet cleaning services to both domestic and commercial sectors. With that, the author is also a writer who educates the readers on professional carpet pet urine removal in Melbourne.