According to research by Dr S. Livingston, your dietary personality can greatly affect your ability to lose excess weight, meaning unless you are able to identify which personality you belong to getting in shape can either be a breeze or an uphill struggle.

During her study of up to 2,200 slimmers, Livingston identified 5 distinct dietary groupings which can easily be depicted by the types of food groups they craved or their capacity to not eat them. Analysing their food patterns, stress levels and overall personality, she determined that most dieters can be recognised as: chocomaniacs, carb cravers or French fry fiends.

Chocomaniacs: pursuing a lifestyle where their compassion and emotional lives rule over their rationality; foods such as chocolate and ice cream quickly become a symbolic illustration of their want for love and romance i.e. emotional bliss. The problem for this diet group is however - this goal to find love often causes excessive eating, chocolate in particular.

See yourself in this description? Dr Livingston suggests replacing this desire for chocolate with welcoming smiles and cuddles. It may seem unusual, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much this assists to limit your hunger.

Carb Cravers: indulging in starchy meals such as pasta and bread when they feel overwhelmed by too much inter-personal contact; this craving to indulge in starchy meals often supports them to escape group pressure instead enabling them to concentrate on their internal movements.

Sound like you? Livingston believes the clue to overcoming these hunger pangs is to get away from people and work, and re-energise. Acquiring some alone time can quickly assist to take the edge off your appetite.

French Fry Fiend: living a fast paced, work orientated life, French Fry Fiends are often quite detached, organised, overachievers who crave fast food when work or their family life gets the better of them. With no time to take care of themselves fries becomes a quick re-energiser when they feel low both physically and mentally.

See yourself in this overview? It is important that your own needs are fitted into your daily regime. This will assist you to bring eating into a more sensible focus and improve your health ambitions.

How does this impact on you?

Acknowledging your diet character can make a huge difference towards supporting you to take back control of your weight loss plan and ultimately your health. By accepting these characteristics and listening to Livingston’s above techniques, you can begin your route to long term weight loss.

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