Men often find it nerve-wracking to talk a girl up, because of their age-old perception that females are complicated and cannot be figured out. With this mentality, men can become awkward conversationalists, boring their potential partners to death or turning them off. In reality, there are certain secrets men need to learn before they can appreciate female complexity. If your question is "what do girls like to talk about", here are the top three related tips you can easily win her heart:

1. Let her take the lead.

Women were created with the gift of gab, so they talk more. Unlike males, females prefer chatting about anything that interests them and they can go for hours on end. If you don’t know what topics interest her, begin with simple ones that both of you know well about. Here’s an example, if you both like music, ask her what she thinks of XXYY’s newest album. If you have seen the movie, then you will have something to contribute to the conversation. If you want to get her to keep talking, ask her more questions, such as what other artist does similar songs like XXYY’s.

What if you are just getting to know her and don’t share anything in common with her? This is easy. Just make some small talk, ask her what she’s up to, and she’ll tell you what she’s doing, so use that as a clue. For instance, she may tell you she’s busy writing a song. Think of questions you can ask to get her to talk.

2. Show that you are listening and really listen.

You are trying to impress the woman of your dreams, but let this not be your primary concern. When she is talking, you will need to score points to listening to her and really being interested in her opinions and stories. You can offer information about yourself from time to time, especially when asked, but never stop her when she’s trying to tell you more about herself. Your facial expressions and your posture are two things that show you are really listening. Maintain eye contact, but make sure your gazes don’t make her uncomfortable. Slightly lean forward so that she knows that you are truly interested. A great way to react is to ask relevant questions.

Most importantly, be empathic. If she shares a bad experience with you, show that you are sorry that it had to happen. Your silence may be dismissed for awkwardness or insincerity.

3. Flatter her and use humor to become successful.

When you are talking to a girl whom you are attracted to and only beginning to know, it is crucial that you keep things light and easy for the both of you. If you don’t choose your topics carefully, you may end up even more apart. Use your humorous side to make her laugh. Making a girl laugh, even when you are not talking about anything in particular, is a sure - fire way to win her heart and keep the mutual interest. Compliment her as much as you can, without sounding fake or overdone. It does not matter if you are corny, your efforts are what count.

So, what do girls like to talk about? The answer is: anything under the sun. Girls have different interests but you obviously won’t be able to talk to them about hairstyles and makeup so you need to find common ground. Humor, sensitiveness and excellent listening skills are a must when trying to maintain an engaging, uplifting and productive conversation.

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