Managed to grab an interview you wanted to appear for so long? Well, we are sure you would prepare yourself to ends leaving no stone unturned. However, the competition around is so severe that it is almost impossible to know what an employer seek in a candidate while interviewing.

Job Museum is a job consultancy in Surat. While offering myriads of jobs in Surat, we decoded these basic traits that a hiring manager seeks in a candidate, in an interview.

1. Preparation

When thoroughly researched, a common trait an employer looks for in a candidate is their preparedness. Majority of hiring managers complain about candidates being unprepared when they arrive for an interview. As a hiring managers, employers expect their candidates to arrive after thorough research about the company, their role and their expectations. Pertinent research on part of candidates shows the candidate's appropriateness for an organization.

2. Competency

Well, as we said competition around is severe. You aren't a limited individual candidate with required qualifications and skill sets. As a hiring manager, employer seeks for candidates who could prove their competence. Let's face it, training and transitioning is going to take a long time and is going to cost a fortune. And while training is fruitful in case of candidates who demonstrate high potential of compatibility, hiring managers would look out for employees who are competent enough to generate results from beginning by taking a lead.

3. Self- motivated individual

Companies these days are in look out for individuals who are directed and motivated towards certain goals. Research states it, motivated individuals are fruitful investment for any organization. As a candidate you could stand apart from your candidate only when you have designed goals for your future. It is better to work with individuals who are fueled with self-motivation and confidence, and not with doubt and lethargy. Hiring manager would seek for qualities of ambition and enthusiasm by asking various questions in an interview.

4. Curious individuals

Don't confuse curiosity with lack of preparedness over here. Hiring managers shows positive outlook towards candidates who demonstrate curiosity during an interview. Whether, it is a question regarding your growth in their proposed organization or company's future goals or your contribution in company's accomplishment, hiring mangers seek for candidates who could surprise them with such generous questions. Such questions demonstrate candidate's thoughtfulness regarding his/her growth.

5. Self-aware individuals

There is nothing unusual about possessing weakness. No one is ought to be perfect and hiring managers are aware of this fact. However, what this hiring managers look out for is candidates who are self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Individuals who are self- aware demonstrate high skills of adapting to changing environment and are capable of generating tremendous results. Only when an individual is aware of his/her capabilities could they be molded in specific directions.

Our advice would be to step in for an interview after your thorough preparation. Interview is your chance to show your competency. Don't let this opportunity go to waste by making petty errors.

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