Is the "what do I need to do to get my husband back" questions and answers leaving you with a bit of frustration?

There is no surprise if they are. The main reason why you would be feeling that way is because your mind is not in the right place! For any uf us to make up from any relationship breakup and be successful, you have got to be happy.

Having the strong desire inside you heart saying "will I ever get my husband back" would mean that right now, that is all you can think about.

And you are most likely suffering some extreme sadness from thinking about all the wrong things that was happening within your marriage, along with the reasons why you and your husband broke up...

1/ What you must know for your "self" is whether you believe in your heart 100% that your husband is the man for you.

2/ Do you believe that the two of you can get through these hard times, and come out 100 times stronger in love.

3/ Will the break up be what it takes for you and your husband to lay down your guards and begin understanding each other.

4/ Are you prepared to make some positive changes in your life to please your husbands emotional needs? And will he do the same for you.

I understand that all you may be able to concentrate on, is how to get my husband back! But these types of questions are important for you to think about, if you truly have the desire to be happy in your love life...

I don't like to see anybody living in relationships of heart ache and pain! I have been witness to it all my life. Watching family and friends continually fighting, and seeing the effects that it has on all the children involved, is heartbreaking.

Don't Just get your husband back because you think you miss him, get him back because it is right! And you believe that you guys can work. It is your heart that gets burned at the end of the day, and when you burn your heart, your soul gets a little more unhappy...

Lastly I just want to point out that you are a beautiful person no matter what! You deserve to have the best in life, nobody should ever take that away. We all make mistakes in life that sometimes lead to a lot of pain and agony. But if your mind is open, and you want your life become better, and get your husband back! Then the only thing that is blocking your way is you.

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