Most people would say there is nothing they can't live without apart from food, water and shelter. I found something special that I don't want to live without and I don't care if it is a luxury. I want one for Xmas!

As I have become older I have not asked for much from anyone, in actual fact a lot less than when I was younger. The benefit of having 5 children that are all adults is that three times a year they ask me "What do you want?" Those times are simply Mother's Day, my birthday and Xmas but it gets harder and harder each time to make suggestions to be honest.

I have books by the ton and rarely get to read them now, I have CD's and DVD's I have asked for and I don't get to listen or watch them. I am not a woman that enjoys bubble baths or any type of body products so they say to me "What is left to get you?" It is hard to help them so I often say that they don't need to get me anything and they really don't like that. On my 50th birthday I suggested a DVD player and I got it but I have only used it three times in ten years. Once I discovered Sky Plus I tape and watch so much that after work I have no time to do anything but watch my television.

My friends and family get so frustrated when I ask for a certain voucher I like to spend but that and a chocolate orange has become a regular thing so this year I know exactly what I want. I have dropped many large hints and hopefully they have picked up on them though I do still want my chocolate orange as well. Is that being greedy well hell yes it is and I don't care.

I have spent a lot of time researching food waste disposal products and I have found one on a reputable site that only sells quality just what I am looking for. It is called the Waste King Legend 3300 and the concept thrills me because it will save me a lot of time and energy after standing and cooking the meal. Then all I have to do is turn on the tap scrap the food waste into the sink, turn on the disposer and that is it job done. There is no black sack in the kitchen to sit and smell. There is no taking the bin bag out to the kerbside bin. It pulverises the food waste and it then gets washed down the drainpipe to be processed. I would be helping the environment as well because the waste won’t be going to the landfill. It has sharp clean lines and is an under the sink unit which comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty as well as a ten year one on the product. This for me will revolutionize the time wasted in the kitchen.

So to sum up I want a Waste King Food Waste Disposal Unit for Xmas and having dropped a great deal of hints I am hoping that is what I will get as a present collectively from my family.

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As an older woman that suffers with arthritis in my back and neck as well as other places I need thisngs that will ease the pain and stress on my body and the waste disposer will help no end. I found lots of information on