Gabrielle Channel/Coco was way back in 1883. Elsa Schiaparelli was in 1890. Christian Dior was in 1905. Roy Halston Frowick was in 1932. Calvin Klein was in 1942. Ralph Lauren was in 1939. Gianni Versace was in 1946. Valentine Garavani and Giorgio Armani were both in the late 1930’s, and so was Yves Saint Laurent.

They may be from different eras, but they all belong to the league of extraordinary individuals. Fashion is them. They are Fashion. Everyone following fashion reveres them. No, that still would be an understatement. They are Deities. They defined and redefined fashion consistently. Fashion germinated from them. They continue to inspire new ideas across the fashion spectrum. Every time a new revelation explodes in the world of fashion, they are fondly remembered.

And taking this as the starting point it becomes interesting to raise the point as to what exactly would these fashion immortals think of an accessory that has been on and off for a long time now. The Fanny Packs for Men and Fanny Packs for Women are a couple of those.

Would Elsa back in her prime in the early 1900s have entertained making Fanny Packs for Women a part of her offbeat and irreverent designs? Given her rebellious nature one wonders whether Fanny Packs for Men would have been part of her whimsical dresses, the likes of lobster motifs and skeleton ribs and bones she was known to design.

Christian Dior was always known for his distinctive “New Look” Silhouette. 1947 was his year of reckoning and his suits and dresses added a new dimension as top how women wore their dresses after the Second World War. One wonders whether at the prime of this Fanny Packs for Women would have been part of Christian’s fashion plans. His mastery of line and shape still provokes thought whether he would have tried including Fanny packs for Men in his collection, just like the mystery surrounding his demise in 1957.

Roy Halston Frowick made a name in the middle of the Disco Culture back in the 1970s. Fate led him to Jackie Kennedy, an association that helped him rise in fame. Legend says she was besotted by his distinctive pillbox styles back in the 60s. She is said to have worn one of his designs to the Presidential Inauguration in 1961. Perhaps coercing her to wear the Fanny Packs for Women must have crossed his mind at least once or twice.

Calvin Klein was most famous for his tight designer jeans clung to sleek bodies of the greatest beauties of that time. This helped him mint millions of dollars. His also became notorious for his underwear line. His main rival Ralph Lauren concurrently rose in fame for his wide ties made out of unusual fabrics. His flashy neckwear too caught the attention of one and all in the fashion circuit.

His signature Polo Shirts for Men, one whose most famous endorser was the Late Steve Jobs made history in sales. Perhaps both of them would have thought about introducing the Fanny Packs for men and Fanny Packs for Women at some point in time.

What would all these fashion mavens have thought about these hats and caps is something that still remains uncertain. But one thing is certain. These would definitely have fallen somewhere in their scheme of things.

After all, they are timeless fashionable accessories worn back then and continued to be worn even now.

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