What do we learn about love and relationships from The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

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I watched this wonderful movie again, for the fifth or sixth time. There is just so much to this movie; each time I watch it I find another nugget worth keeping. It is a love story, but not a clichéd one at that. Here are a few of the things that I've learned from this movie

• We are all strangers to each other, and one day we will find a lover/friend from among these same strangers.

• It's not necessary to have the same personality or likes and dislikes to fall in love with someone. Opposites do attract.

• Relationships are not easy. Love is not easy. Hold onto it tightly if you care even a dime.

• We are made up of our memories, good and bad. Embrace them, don't run away from them.

• Even married people get pissed off with each other.

• Love is not the only thing that is required to keep a relationship intac
t. They demand work from both the ends.

• We are all just the same amount of confused (and fucked up).

• If you genuinely love someone, you'll find your way back.

• If there are bad memories, then there are good memories too. Keep the good ones safe. Real safe.

• Don't be impulsive when in love.

• Do the things that you wish to do. That way you won't regret not doing them later.

• Lastly, don't look for someone else to complete yourself. You're complete within yourself.

These are all for now. Maybe I'll find out more when I watch it again.

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Hello everyone. I have recently watched this movie and it has become one of my favourite. This movie makes me believe in the saying that someone out there is made exclusively for you. Even if there comes some artificial modern way to erase our painful memories of the person we loved, if you both are meant to be together nothing can separate you from each other. This movie tells us the value of true love. Even when two persons don't like each other's personalities , know their weakness they are inseparable.

Nowadays many mistake liking and loving as same. Both are a lot different. Love is great. It doesn't mean that you don't have to take action to do something for it. Many people are not enough courageous to take that great risk of pain which comes along with it. In this movie , if Joel had not been taken the risk to be with her then it would be nothing. So one has to take action for one's love instead of sitting idle thinking about fate.

There are days when one doesn't like something about his or her partner but it doesn't mean that you leave that person. Love is above all. Its a great feeling and its very precious. In this movie its shown that " Love conquers everything ". Your heart knows what you want. Try to listen to it and follow it.

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