What happens when you hit the wall?

A friend of mine did a facebook post today that said if you fall down 7 times you get up eight times. So true, so easy to say. This last weekend seemed like Chicken Little’s mantra of, the sky is falling the sky is falling was happening. One friend burnt some oil and was carrying it outside when it created a flash fire and burnt her hand and arm badly, another had 8 feet of water in her basement in Los Angeles with her husbands total memorabilia collection housed there by her-fireworks and lots of work, my sweet grandson pulled boiling tea down on my grand-daughter’s stomach causing second degree burns and much consternation on all fronts he had no idea of what happened and she mucho pain, my sister got stage 4 prognosis for her newly discovered cancer, and on and on. I was on a board for a community in distress and loved the fact that through much prayer, meditation and action is starting to move in an open direction. Wahe Guru! Forgot a student’s husband who had a heart attack while riding his bike. Saved but angioplasty not fun and his words to all were, “Deal with your stresses. I have a pretty good diet, exercise and now need to deal with my stress better.”

We all know we have to withstand the test of the times but sometimes they just feel like they are all too much and they are going to take us down. I want you to do something just for you and your future.

Make a list of what you need to get through your biggest tests.
What do you wish you could do?
What have you done in the past that works?
What have you done that has not worked?
What things do you have that require very little time that help?
What thinks need more time 1 hr to 1 week to help?

Here are a few things I want to offer you that I have found helpful and trust me these times are sparing no one.

I keep my yoga mat right by my desk and get up and do hand stands all day long. I drink lots of liquids and not coffee. I drink peppermint water, teas of all kinds, lemon water trying to keep hydrated and have fun with it. Also the alkaline factor is important to me so I eat alkaline foods. Most fruits, most veggies, most nuts, seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, long grain brown rice, amaranth. Try to cook in batches so I don’t just open the fridge and hope that some mysterious guest has come and cooked just what I feel like eating. I also schedule lunch meetings at my house so I can make food that I will have for a day or two. Plus it is a great environment to meet in. It is calm and easy to connect in.

Create environments that make people feel relaxed be it your office or home. Yes if you have lots of children at home just make sure you have one spot that is yours, your sanctuary. It doesn’t have to be a room it can just be a section of a room and then declare it as yours and stick to it. When you are there it is your time out no disturbances. Can be your bathtub, a chair in your yard or balcony, a chair or spot in your bedroom or an entire room.

Here are a couple of other things that may just help you as they do me.
Easy and helps your immune system.

Thymus Thump
Wake up the Great Guardian

Place the right hand next to the sternum just above the breast. With a loose wrist and tight fingers start tapping this spot powerfully. If sore tap a little longer.

2-3 minutes

Helps maintain a good health; stimulates your thymus gland, which governs cellular immunity. Activates rebalancing pressure point.

Good stretch

Arm Lifts
Reach up for relief from eyes to base of spine

Sitting up straight, lift both arms overhead and interlock thumbs. From there you can do several exercises:
• Twisting the torso, inhale left and exhale right. Repeat motion rhythmically.
• Shoulder shrugs; inhale lifting the shoulders up toward the ears, exhale letting the shoulders down. Repeat shrugs rhythmically.
• Eye exercises; inhale deeply and rotate the eyes in a counter clockwise motion as long as you can hold the breath. Exhale. Next inhale, repeat the exercise switching the directions. Exhale. Then inhale again moving the eyes diagonally, upper left to lower right. Exhale. Inhale and switch. Lastly, move the eyes up and down while holding the breath.

1-2 minutes for twisting and shrugs. 30-45 seconds for eye exercise.

Stretches and opens the spine. Relieves eye stress and strain. Stimulates lymph glands. Helps clear the mind.

Get up and move we so need to move stress through and out of us.

Three Part Forward Bend
The brain fountain of youth

Stand with legs wide open. The stiffer you feel, the wider you should spread the legs.
Bend over and place the fingertips on the floor right under the shoulders. Bend the knees if necessary. When inhaling, lift trunk and head parallel to the floor. Exhale in three-parts, lowering head and trunk towards the floor in three equal parts.

1-2 minutes

This pumping motion activates the spinal fluid up and down the spine and through the brain. Allows your legs and spine to stretch. The enhanced breath helps release overwhelming feelings.

So please add these to your list of things you can do to help re- lease your stressors.


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