1. Fear is natural

It is natural to have some fears, so face your fears and consider whether your fear has a good source or is actually irrational (a fear that we should dismiss or conquer).

How to be fearless is one of the hardest things for most people to do. Recognizing and facing the fear is the first step you should take. Many people are fearful about wearing the hijab. Here are some thoughts about fear in general and about the hijab (head covering) and conservative clothes in particular. The points here will help you to be fearless and more successful.

2. The Fear that Kills

Never let fear hold you back.

Fear that kills is the type of fear that holds us back from taking ourselves to great levels. This fear prevents us from taking a path that we know in our heart we should take. We always have this great fear inside of ourselves – fear about what others think of us, fear about what our parents think, fear of getting hurt, fear of losing our job, fear of poverty, fear of doing something right because we are afraid something will happen to us, fear of people.... fear, fear, fear. We live such scared lives! We are so weak! Some of these fears may be justifiable, but again we should face our fears and find ways to overcome them.

3. The Fear of being different or being too conservative

Why do many girls hesitate to wear a hijab (head covering) and dress conservatively, knowing God has commanded them to do so? This command for hijab was given to the most righteous women ever to exist, who do you think YOU are not to wear one?

4. Is fear the reason why you don’t wear conservative attire?

Is it because of society pressure and the opinions of others?

5. What we should fear!

The One who we should all be fearing most, we do not fear! We fear more about what Joe thinks of us.

6. God Matters Most

Let us look at some of the best women such as Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary is the highest ranked woman. If we look at pictures of Mary she is depicted as wearing conservative clothes, covered from head to toe.

7. Develop a strong purpose and you can overcome fear

You are here on this earth for a purpose, so fulfill your purpose. Your strong purpose can beat fear.

8. Fear is a test!

God has also created this fear inside you on purpose, to test you, to see who do you fear more, the people or God.

To see how great is your level of faith!

To see if you truly believe.

When you put God first or higher then you will not hesitate about these decisions.

9. When fear strikes who do you consult?

There is no need for you to argue with anyone about this topic other than yourself. Convince yourself.

10. How to overcome fear

Overcome fear by seeing it as a small obstacle so that you can jump to even greater levels and move on to the next stages in these challenges of life. People will be very proud of you. Forget people, Allah will be very proud of you. Thus put Allah first and you will be able to overcome fear, at least the fear of what people think of you. When you have a higher purpose, you can defeat fear.

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I am an English specialist with I CAN READ. I have worked for major British institutions – British Council, British High Commission, British Railways Board and Linguaphone. I am a London-trained lawyer and have been the public affairs officer at the British High Commission, Singapore, as well as an editor in an international book publishing house and a national magazine. I am also co-author of two law books: English Legal System and Company Law, published by Blackstone, Oxford University Press. I am an Ambassador of Peace (Universal Peace Federation and Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace). Email susanmckenzie2003@yahoo.co.uk about I CAN READ. For more on English, blessings, and personal and business success: www.abetoday.com