Spiritual science is a field of science which may attract you. If you are going to learn about this, you are going to manage the process in which the cognition of the spirit is gained from the systematic studies of what our senses perceive. It has no doctrine or scripture and belief system but it takes the best that each of the mentioned things has to offer.

Spiritual science, including the study of people’s words, thoughts, deeds and the meditation practice as well, is an interesting field. We can see it, in a simple way, as a philosophical manner of living. However, it is actually much disciplined.

You are the master of your own destiny

Today, many people are attracted by this particular science. The reason is due to the open-ended thought system of the study, which endlessly evolves as the mankind endlessly develops. These extended teachings are made from the wisdom which represents human knowledge. Furthermore, this science teaches us that everyone is his or her own divine being.

It makes everyone of us more responsible for our own thoughts, deeds and words. Our success, harmony and peace of mind are characterized by how well they contact the Divine Being. The objective of this science is to encourage us to think about and believe in things which they do not think about and believe in.

Science on the religious side

Science teaches us that the universal truths, as a supernatural expression, are brought out to every religion in this world. Every religion in this world is recognized in this science with their own value. However, it does not tell us there is a specific path to take for spirit to be enlightened.

It instead explains that there are one or some paths, however every of them leads us to the same destination, and God-realization as well as self-realization will be reached at the end. Those people who have interests in this science have the genuine anxiety and sincerity over studying the art of real conscious living.

The science on the philosophy side

It teaches us that the thoughts of us towards the nature of the universe can determine what our relationship with the universe will be. In addition, humans have capability of expressing their potential if they can recognize themselves as the creations as well as the co-creators. Seven branches of philosophy are logic, metaphysics, psychology, ethics, esthetics, epistemology and theology.

Those engaging in the study and practice of spiritual science can develop selflessness in life. They share and teach others God’s works and obtain better lives.

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