Of late direct selling and multilevel marketing has taken up a new role in the lives of the common man. Due to fierce competition, inflation and population explosion people are finding it hard to cope with the growing expenditures of our day to day life. So, they have started looking for alternative methods of earning money. Thus direct selling has taken a new meaning in their lives. My Questnet Reviews tells you why direct selling has now become a popular career choice in the urban world and why more and more people are looking at it as a means of earning an extra income.

I first herd about direct selling through Questnet Reviews. These reviews spoke about how this company, through this form of marketing, has managed to employee for than 1.2 million people across the world and give them handsome compensations. This company has succeeded with the help of multilevel marketing, a form of direct selling, and has created a wide distribution network through its independent representatives. Now, you all must be wondering what direct selling is. Direct selling is a form of selling a product directly to the consumer at their home or work place. These salespeople approach prospective customers outside the premises of a shop and usually demonstrate the use of the products to them then and there. Whether the person decides to buy the products or not solely depends on the ability of the sales person to sell the products and effectively explain its benefits to the person looking to buy it. Multilevel marketing, also know as referral marketing or network marketing, is a form of direct selling. Direct selling and multi level marketing are often used as synonyms of each other but in reality there are not the same. Multilevel marketing forms a part of direct selling and is not direct selling by itself. In multilevel marketing the salesperson form a chain on people under him to which he sells products and recruits as salespeople. These people go on to sell the company’s products and for every sale they make the person who recruited them get a certain amount of compensation. Such is the case in companies like Questnet. The people that they sales person recruits or sells to become his distribution network or simply network. As you can see neither is multilevel marketing nor is direct selling an easy task.

Some of the negative Questnet Reviews I read about spoke about how the company was using illegal pyramid schemes to dupe people. This is not true as in an illegal pyramid scheme there are no actual products being sold while Questnet’s products are famous all over the world. Moreover, many doctors have recommended a number of their wellness products time and again. I decided to write a Questnet review to clear any misconceptions people might have about this extremely successful and legal company and their business activities. All their transactions and working are clear, legal and transparent. The opportunities they offer are abundant provided you know how to exploit them correctly.

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An international direct selling brand that utilities the network and multi level marketing (mlm) combined with e-commerce for more info: http://questnetreviews.tumblr.com/