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This is my four year old grand daughter Mekenah, and her mother, my daughter Shauna. It looks like they have huge eyes, doesn’t it? The reality is that those huge eyes are just painted on. Their real eyes are closed.

This picture symbolizes the way that so many of us live our lives. We think that we see what is going on but that isn’t true. We may see what is happening or not happening in our lives but most of us are completely blind to the cause.

We usually blame other people for our problems. We say things like “It’s my parents fault! It’s my teachers fault! It’s my bosses fault! It’s the government’s fault! It’s God’s fault” etc.

Or we may blame circumstances. “If only I had a better education, were younger, were older, were prettier, were skinnier, had more money, grew up in a better neighborhood, etc.

The truth is that we do not know why we do the things we do. Or conversely, we don’t know why we do not do the things that we want to do. As a result, we keep getting results that we don’t want to have. That knowledge is buried in our subconscious or below conscious mind. And it is our subconscious mind, with it’s negative emotional conditioning, that controls us.

If you are not living, doing, being or having what you want in any area of your life; in that area, you have negative emotional conditioning that is stopping you! Until that negative emotional conditioning is eliminated, nothing is going to change in that area of your life.

In my 60 years of living, 8 years of research and 5 years of working as a stress relief specialist, the most powerful tool I have found for eliminating negative emotional conditioning is Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT or Tapping.

If you would like to stop being blind, remove the negative emotional conditioning, finally see clearly and move forward with your life, I invite you to learn how EFT can help you.
There are two opportunities coming up:

First, is a 3 hour seminar, called: “the True Cause of Your Problems and How to Eliminate Them”. The date is Wednesday, May 18th from 7 to 10 pm. The address is the Renaissance Retirement Resort at 6676 203rd St, Langley.

The link is:

Second, is the “Bliss and Balance for Life” 2-day Release Event. The dates are Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th from 9 to 5 each day. The address is the same as above: Renaissance Retirement Resort at 6676 203rd St, Langley.

The link is:

If you are unable to attend either of these two events and would like more information, just email me at

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Sheryl Stanton RN, Stress Relief Specialist
Recipient of the “Woman of Worth” Health and Wellness Award for 2010