Granite is a common worktop material for kitchens and bathrooms. This heavy natural stone is cut in different dimensions to fit the counter space where it’s installed. It needs certain adhesives to hold the material in place, as it cannot be screwed down.

The type of adhesive required for attaching granite worktops varies from the bathroom to the kitchen. For, kitchen countertops are significantly thicker, heavier and larger compared to bathroom worktops. The granite countertops are installed in various ways, according to the slabs or tiles you’re working with. Furthermore, specifications of tiles and slabs are also considered while installing this worktop material.

Different Types of Glues for Attaching Granite Countertops

Here are different types of glue one needs to attach granite worktop onto a counter:

Epoxy Glue: It is the common glue used for installing granite worktops, as it helps in forming a stronger bond with the stone itself. For installing heavy slabs, you may use a combination of epoxy glue, hardeners and resins to join two pieces together. For instance, it’s great for joining two slabs for adding more thickness or joining two slabs against each other.

General Adhesive Glue: The general all-purpose adhesive for construction can also be used for granite installation. However, it is normally used on its bottom layer for holding the slab on the plywood decking to create a strong countertop. But it cannot be used for attaching two granite pieces, as it is not able to hold materials as hard as granite. Moreover, it has some issues like the adhesive layer not drying out easily and moisture entrapment.

Mastic Glue: Mastic glue can also be used for natural stone installation, however, in limited situations. While tumbled marble and travertine are softer natural stones and can soak up resins from the mastic glue and lead to staining on the surface, granite worktops are hard enough to avoid such staining issues. Hence, this glue can be used for attaching granite countertop. While mastic glue can be used for installing heavy granite slabs, it’s generally intended to attach tiles.

Silicone Glue: Silicone glue is a great adhesive for attaching the caulking joints between certain transitional surfaces like areas where the backsplash and countertop meet or where a kitchen wall adjoins the countertop. Silicone glue is a transparent layer of filler compound that’s generally used for joining only. However, it can be used to work as adhesives, especially to attach a granite slab or tiles on a counter.

Once a granite countertop is securely attached to a given area, kitchen space is likely to appear shiny and aesthetic. But to maintain its brand new appearance for several months or years, you need to take proper care of the worktop. Make sure that you clean the worktop properly and also maintain your granite countertop at regular intervals. For cleaning, you just need mild detergent and a soft cloth. Plus, don’t hesitate to reseal your granite worktop to enhance its sheen and longevity.

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