If you thought about this question for just a second, the first thoughts that would pop into your mind would be, “my family”, “my children” or “my spouse”. Now take the time to look a little deeper, is the way you are living your life indicating that you are actually living your life, like those three areas are most important to you. Or is the picture that is reflected back at you telling a very different story? Most people are very quick to state what they value most, as being their relationships or families. When in reality their deeds are painting a completely different picture. Your values are clearly shown by what you do, how you fill your space and how you spend your money. The easiest way to check what you value most is to look at two things, namely your dairy and your spending patterns. How you choose to invest your time and money are clear indicators of what you truly value most.
If you want to become a real super achiever it is time to stop paying lip service to the most important thing on your life and to actually make it the main thing. Zig Ziglar one of the most successful thought leaders of his time, said that one of the secrets to his success was “I made sure that I had a home Court Advantage” The reason our home life is so crucial to our long term sustainable success is simple. When we have a stable and secure home and family life, we are better equipped to perform at our peak in all other areas of our lives. When you do not have a stable life at home and you are concerned about what is not working in your close relationships, you are most certainly not as effective out in the world. I have found that making your family and close relationships a priority most certainly gives you a boost and bolsters your ability to perform outside of your home.
Have you ever asked yourself the question about why you work so hard and why success is so important to you?
1)Is it your innermost desire to provide a great life for your family?
2)Create security and comfort for yourself and your family
3)To help our families discover new opportunities in the future.
I have asked many people that are nearing the end of their lives, what they wish they had done more of or how they wish they had invested their time? They all very quickly state that they wished they had invested more time with their families and that they had created more opportunities to share love and special moments with the people they loved the most. Not one said that they wished that they had acquired more qualifications, cars, houses, boats or titles. You have the advantage of still having a full life to live, make sure that you are indeed investing time into the things that matter most. Invest time today and every day into creating your own home court advantage. When you commit to do this, you not only set the tone for creating a great support system for your ambitions, but you get to build stronger bonds, you get to experience more meaningful love and you get to experience the most incredible rewards. Make a commitment today to begin making your spouse and family a priority. The happiness and joy that will flow to you will not only make you feel good, but will contribute to better health and equip you with far more energy and vitality. All of these are very essential if you want to become a super achiever.

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I am an Entrepreneur, Master Teacher, Radio Host, Global Traveler and Author. My area of focus is in the field of human behavior, expanded awareness and enlightenment. I travel the planet constantly researching, learning and seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. I delve into the inner workings of the universe, always looking for ways to understand my role in making things better and contributing to the improvement of the human experience.
I live an authentic and privileged life filled with love and gratitude. My mission and vision has been to gather, learn and apply as much wisdom and knowledge in my own life as possible. To this end I have been a voracious student, in the field of human behavior and human development. http://www.andrewhorton.co.za