Really. What do you want more of in your life? More peace? More time off? More fun? More inner tranquility?

Unless we identify what it is that we truly want, we tend to be so caught up in daily life that we don't even think about what will make us truly happy. Today, ask yourself what you want more of in your life and then live with the question all day: How can I have more ______ in my life? Just ask; don't worry about an answer. Don't squash the question with buts and nos, just let it reverberate in your consciousness.

When I ask myself that question today, the answer is more meaning. So I wonder how to bring more meaning into my life. As I sit with my wondering, more questions emerge: what is meaning to me? Does it involve other people or is it primarily internal? How would I know it if I had it? I don't try to answer any of these questions definitively. I just let them swirl around in my consciousness. As they do, I often find an answer pops up--usually sometime later, even weeks or months later, from somewhere unexpected: a book, a friend, a thought that occurs while driving. As Rilke says,

"Be patient with the questions themselves."

Author's Bio: 

A member of Professional Thinking Partners who is recognized as a leading expert in change, M.J. Ryan specializes in coaching high performance executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, and leadership teams around the world to maximize performance and fulfillment. Her clients include Microsoft, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Hewitt Associates, and Frito Lay. Her work is based on a combination of positive psychology, strengths-based coaching, the wisdom traditions, and cutting edge brain research. Her new book, titled “AdaptAbility: How to Survive Change You Didn't Ask For” was recently released published by Random House’s Broadway Books. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter.