So, honey, tell me…

What do you want the money for?

Because that reason is the thing that will empower or disempower you to receive it.

Money alone is lifeless.  It represents certain things to you and if it represents security and certainty then the chances are that you will never get it in the sums that you want.  Money, itself is lifeless and so cannot give you security.  And your need for security is endless and so, no matter how much you have, you will always feel the need for more.

That is not the path to happiness, as much as you may think it is.

There are a lot of rich people with lots of lifeless money but no sense of security.  They place their trust in money and it does not return the favour.

So, tell me, really, what do you want the money for?

Remember those dreams you had as a kid, as a teenager, as a young adult.

Dreams of freedom to travel, to love, to be loved, to experience, to go on adventures.

Dreams of what you wanted to be, to do when you grew up…

Dreams of impacting and influencing people for good…

Dreams of changing aspects of the world that you did not like…

All those dreams that got drowned out with the advent of responsibilities…

And no, I don’t mean that taking responsibility is a bad thing but you took on things that may not have been yours to take on.  You took on things that stifled your sense of adventure, your boldness and now, you live this boring life while wishing and hoping for more money to come show up so you can be secure.

And then, maybe you will live the life you are born to live…


But the money does not show up.

Because, again, money is lifeless.

Your dreams are not.

Your vision is not.

Your wants and desires are not.

Unless you refuse to give them life!

And you do that by telling yourself that you cannot do your dreams and visions…

You keep thinking you are not allowed to have your wants and desires – they are too selfish, you think.

And you keep putting barriers in your own way and instead…

You seek out only money thinking it will solve your internal dissatisfaction.

Again, what do you want the money for?

And please, don’t start reciting all them bills hanging over your head, all those relatives that want to suck you dry, all of that will get dealt with when you are living, really living the life you are born to live.

So, first, remember who you are born to be.

Those dreams, those visions are not there to taunt you – They are there to remind you who you are.  They are there for you to fulfil.  It is in the fulfilling of those grand ideas that you start to make a difference to the world around you and honey, the more people you serve, the more people you impact, the more money you attract and create.

And it really does not matter what your calling, purpose is…

It may not be practical at all (think Kardashians or footballers) and yet, as you step into it, opportunities start to arise and if you have the courage to act on them, the money you desire will flow to you.

So, do not stifle your ideas – follow them with confidence and then keep your eyes open to ways of creating wealth AND THEN TAKE ACTION on them.

Again, what do you want the money for?

Start doing that now in some way, no matter how small the measure is – Use what is in your hand now to create what is in your heart…

And as you do that, keep expanding and expanding, act with commitment and confidence and the money will flow but even more than that, the fulfilment, the happiness, the sense of security in who you are (regardless of the money you create) – all of that will grow.

And that really is what you want.

Isn’t it?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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