Sweepstakes have been a popular marketing strategy since the 1950s. And that hasn’t changed with the growth of social media and mobile. But getting a big win means reaching and engaging your audience on new platforms. On mobile, you’ll get best results with text to win sweepstakes management.

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Target Your Goals with a Custom Promotion

Are you planning to launch a new product? Boost web traffic? Build up your email list? There are many good reasons to run a text to win or sweepstakes. But while choosing a prize and planning, many lose sight of their goals. The promotion set up is vital to meeting those goals and with sweepstakes management, you get help in developing a promotion that is most likely to meet them.

Maximize Your ROI

Unfortunately, we see many sweepstakes promotions, including text sweepstakes, that are not set up for maximum success. Asking for too much information, adding too many steps and not aligning the prize with the brand or audience are just a few mistakes we see. With text to win sweepstakes management, you can depend on reliable advice on how to best setup your promotion, from concept development to entry process and marketing, to maximize results.

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Reduce Legal Risk

Obviously, there are rules to follow when running a sweepstakes or a text to win and they go beyond just having official rules. In certain cases or industries, you might even need state approval or bonding. Do you have the resources to carry this out? This is where sweepstakes management can make the difference between a big success or a legal mess.

Run a Longer Promotion on Auto Pilot

There are great benefits to running a longer sweepstakes. It’s an ongoing marketing machine with new opportunities to promote winners each week or month. These doneed more work though. To ensure everything gets done on time, a full-service sweepstakes management option is the way to go. It’s the best way to keep your campaign running smoothly.

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What Text to Win Sweepstakes Management Should Include

As the name implies, full-service management means everything should be taken care of for you. This includes conceptual development, setup, official rules, compliance review, registration and bonding (if needed), ongoing management, winner selection and verification, publicity and liability releases, prize fulfillment and reporting. All you should worry about is making sure your marketing is in line with the campaign’s messages.

There are many benefits to running sweepstakes, which is why it’s a popular strategy with marketers. When using that strategy on mobile, it’s best to use a text to win management service that will help you maximize benefits for the best results.

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